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Southern Nevada leaders join for monumental meeting

Written By:

Makayla Zurn

This morning there was a meeting of the minds with all of Southern Nevada's leaders.

From city and county officials to the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. Many are calling it a monumental step in the right direction. These elected officials met for a "first of its kind" discussion at UNLV.

"We wanted to have everybody at the table this time. We wanted to have everybody come together collectively, more efficiently, so we could move Southern Nevada forward," said Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

The forum was organized by Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick. A little more than three weeks before the state legislative session begins she, and other legislators, want a better idea of what Southern Nevada wants.

"We're here to meet to talk about issues as the legislature is going forward, so that we're all on the same page," said Henderson Mayor Pro-Tem Debra March.

Three topics that took up a majority of the conversation were education, health care and economic development.

"We'll get a sense of a priority of what we might be able to accomplish over the next 120 days of the session and maybe an understanding of the issues that are going to take longer to address," said Brian McAnallen, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.