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Parity? What's That?

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Las Vegas Sun Editorial

UNLV campus

Last August, university system regents passed a budget that was a supposed win for Southern Nevada. Officials talked about the “shift” of funding from northern and rural campuses to the south.

More than $13.2 million of additional money was supposed to go to three southern teaching institutions — UNLV, Nevada State College and CSN. The budget was hailed for bringing a sense of parity to the way the Nevada System of Higher Education funds its schools.

Not that the money was much. For UNLV, it amounted to $3.1 million for the coming fiscal year, a drop or two in the bucket. That wouldn’t restore the years of underfunding, but the plan was heading in the right direction. If nothing else, it was an acknowledgment that things had been broken.

Northern schools were expected to see a decrease in money from the state's general fund. The shocker under the proposal was that estimates showed UNR would lose about $1.2 million. That appeared to be a sign that the status quo was changing. The Nevada System of Higher Education’s funding scheme has long favored the northern campuses, which all draw a larger share of their budgets from the state’s general fund than the southern campuses. They also have received a higher level of funding per student.


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