A Nevada Business Roundtable Report

Written By:

The Honorable Lorraine Hunt-Bono Chairman Nevada Business Roundtable

As the chairman of the Nevada Business Roundtable (NBR) and a longtime local small business owner, I believe that improving the performance of the state’s K-12 educational system is necessary to providing a strong foundation for Nevada’s competitive business climate.

I see firsthand the challenges and difficulties our students face when they are not prepared for the workforce. As employers, we understand the challenges of keeping up with today’s economy and changing workforce. It means the skill needs of employees are growing and the skills gap is expanding, which is a concern for so many of us.

If we are serious about changing and improving education in our state, then we must successfully implement rigorous academic standards for K-12 education, known as Nevada Academic Content Standards (Common Core Standards).

As an employer, it makes sense that those standards need to be aligned with college course work and workforce needs. If they are not, then our students are not being preparing to succeed. Our students need to be better prepared in a changing and challenging economy.

Business organizations such as the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and The Chamber - Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada support these academic standards because it is an opportunity to help students to succeed, provide clear guidelines and raise expectations. This is in addition to the support that has been offered by the Nevada State Board of Education, the Nevada System of Higher Education and the Executive Association of School Boards for Common Core Standards in Nevada.

States across the country have adopted Common Core Standards because they recognized the clear need to improve their education systems and better prepare America’s students for college and career opportunities. They are making changes to their education system; Nevada must do the same if our students are to be competitive on the regional and national level.

Here are some compelling statistics of why Nevada needs to continue the implementation of the Common Core Standards:

It has been reported that by 2020, 58 percent of jobs in Nevada will require a postsecondary credential. However, only 28 percent of adults in the state currently have this credential – producing a 30 percent point skills gap.

That is why we need to support and advocate for higher academic standards. It is essential to helping close this gap. The successful implementation of Nevada Academic Content Standards is a fundamental driver of change in how we prepare our students in the classroom for a successful post-graduation experience either in college or the workforce.

Join the efforts and help us work together to build a better Nevada with the united efforts of employers, employees, students, teachers, community members and legislators by supporting the implementing Nevada’s Academic Content Standards. You can learn more about these efforts by visiting nevadaready.com.

It is important to remember that NBR is not a formal organization. We are simply a statewide coalition of like-minded business groups that share concerns that affect the economy and stability of Nevada businesses in both rural and urban parts of our state. If you would like more information about the NBR, please contact the Metro Chamber’s Government Affairs department at 702.641.5822.