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The Metro Chamber in Washington, D.C. - Working For You

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Washington, D.C. Day 1

Good morning from Capitol Hill. We are getting ready for our second day of meetings in Washington, D.C. Today, we will meet with our Congressional delegation, as well as members of Congress from other states, and we will fill you in on these discussions later today.

Yesterday, we met with several policy experts on topics important to our members: health care, education, infrastructure and legal reform. We started our day at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where some of their top policy experts discussed a variety of issues important to the business community, including health care reform and working to refine the Affordable Care Act to remove the uncertainty of the new laws by fixing or better defining some of the provisions to make it easier and more affordable for businesses and people.

We also discussed tort reform. One of the things businesses look at before relocating or expanding to a state is the amount of litigation and lawsuits against businesses. Currently, Nevada ranks #37, and we discussed the need to improve our ranking in order to improve our business climate.

Over lunch, we met with several K-12 education experts from The Education Trust. We discussed best practices in improving education, and in particular implementing Common Core standards. They shared with us states that have shown good results in school improvement that could be good models for Nevada to examine, such as Tennessee, Indiana, Colorado and Arkansas.

We also discussed the Higher Ed Act Reauthorization, just now being heard in Congressional committees, and aspects of the bill that could help improve teacher preparation.

Later in the day, we saw a presentation at UnitedHealthcare on innovations in health care delivery and how technology is improving patient care and access to medical expertise. We also discussed the ACA and its impact on insurance coverage and the marketplace.

We ended our day with a social event with the Nevada State Society, Congressional staff members who have Nevada roots and connections. As always, it was a great opportunity to connect and build great relationships in Washington.