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The Metro Chamber Visits Washington, D.C. - Day One

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Washington, DC

Greetings from Washington, D.C. The Las Vegas Metro Chamber is in our nation’s capital to talk about and ask for action on legislation that is important to the future of our community. Over the next three days, Chamber leaders are meeting with our Nevada Congressional delegation, as well as representatives from Arizona, our partners in building Interstate 11. The trip is also an opportunity to develop relationships with Congressional leaders from other states who are key decision makers on priority issues, such as infrastructure.

The Metro Chamber is focusing on issues that impact our Southern Nevada economy and job creation. Some of our key priorities are

• Health care: Discuss ways to refine the Affordable Care Act to reduce costs, improve access and delivery, make the new laws more understandable and to ensure small businesses not to be disproportionately impacted.

• Funding of Interstate 11: Ask for prioritization of funding to ensure that we can do full build out of the corridor that will enable us to enhance economic diversification options including distribution, warehousing, logistics and travel.

• Immigration Reform: Urge the passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation that will help secure our nation’s borders, create an efficient employment eligibility verification system, establish a guest worker program and expand the number of Customs and Border Protection personnel at McCarran International Airport. The U.S. Senate passed the Immigration Bill and we will urge our Congressional representatives to support these provisions, too.

• Travel & Tourism: Adopt the Jobs Originating Through Launching Travel (JOLT) Act which would help expand international tourism to the United States and enhance Nevada’s business and tourism sectors. Congressman Heck introduced this bill and Congresswoman Titus and Congressman Amodei are co-sponsors, so it has broad Nevada support.

• Federal Drought Assistance: Access federal assistance to help address the on-going drought conditions and water infrastructure needs of the seven states that rely on the Colorado River for their water needs. According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, these states represent 25 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, so this is an issue that impacts the entire U.S. economy.

• Tule Springs: Pass legislation to designate the area known as Tule Springs as a national monument area and help secure funding for the construction of a visitors center and research and educational facilities relating to the fossil beds located within the monument area. This will help attract more tourists as well as create jobs, open up land for commercial and economic development, and benefit the community college system, UNLV and Nellis.

We will keep you up-to-date periodically throughout our trip on meetings and conversations, as well as the insight we gain on these issues that affect your business and our community. You can also follow us on Twitter @LVChamber for timely updates.