LV Chamber Urges Members to Support Question 2 to Fix Schools

Business organization also announces candidate endorsements for general election

LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce announces its support of Ballot Question 2 that will raise money to repair and modernize older schools in the Clark County School District. If passed, the pay-as-you-go program will fund capital improvement projects to provide essential school renovations in aging building systems including heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, electrical systems, networking, fire alarms and security systems at 40 or more existing schools.

"Providing a school environment that is conducive to learning is essential to improving results in the classroom. Our children deserve safe and healthy schools that can accommodate modern technology. This pay-as-you-go approach is a practical way to fund these needed repairs without increasing long term debt on taxpayers and live up to our community's commitment to our children," says Hugh Anderson, chairman of the Chamber's Government Affairs Committee, which makes public policy and endorsement decisions on behalf of the Chamber's nearly 6,000 business members.

The Chamber also announced its candidate endorsements for the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The endorsements are based on candidates' positions on the Chamber’s reform priorities and their understanding of the impacts decisions made in the halls of government have on job creation and the long term economic health of the state.

The Chamber engaged in a comprehensive review process over the course of several weeks including candidate interviews with members of the Chamber's Government Affairs Committee and staff. Candidates were questioned on topics relating to the Chamber's key policy priorities, including K-12 education reform; higher education funding and government reform; tax issues and policies; changes to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) for future employees; consolidation of local government business licensing; improving the effectiveness of business impact statements; and the impact of health care reform on business from a state perspective.

The endorsements are for Nevada State Senate and Assembly, Nevada Board of Regents, Nevada State Board of Education, Clark County Commission and the Clark County Board of School Trustees.

The Chamber took the unprecedented action by making a dual endorsement in Senate District 6 as both candidates exhibit the principles of the Chamber and a deep understanding of business issues and how policies directly impact small business.

"This important election is about the long term economic health of Nevada. It is essential that we elect candidates who will support the reforms necessary to improve education, spend taxpayer dollars responsibly and make decisions that will encourage economic growth, diversification and job creation," says Anderson.

State Senate

Senate District 5 Steve Kirk (R)
Senate District 6 Mark Hutchison (R) - Dual endorsement*
Senate District 6 Benny Yerushalmi (D) - Dual endorsement*
Senate District 7 David Parks (D)
Senate District 9 Mari Nakashima St. Martin (R)
Senate District 11 Aaron Ford (D)
Senate District 13 Debbie Smith (D)
Senate District 18 Scott Hammond (R)
Senate District 19 Pete Goicoechea (R)

State Assembly

Assembly District 1 Marilyn Kirkpatrick (D)
Assembly District 2 John Hambrick (R)
Assembly District 4 Michele Fiore (R)
Assembly District 5 Marilyn Dondero Loop (D)
Assembly District 8 Jason Frierson (D)
Assembly District 9 Kelly Hurst (R)
Assembly District 11 Olivia Diaz (D)
Assembly District 13 Paul Anderson (R)
Assembly District 15 Elliot Anderson (D)
Assembly District 16 Heidi Swank (D)
Assembly District 17 Steven Brooks (D)
Assembly District 19 Cresent Hardy (R)
Assembly District 20 Ellen Spiegel (D)
Assembly District 21 Becky Harris (R)
Assembly District 22 Lynn Stewart (R)
Assembly District 23 Melissa Woodbury (R)
Assembly District 24 David Bobzien (D)
Assembly District 25 Pat Hickey (R)
Assembly District 26 Randy Kirner (R)
Assembly District 27 Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D)
Assembly District 29 April Mastroluca (D)
Assembly District 31 David Espinosa (R)
Assembly District 32 Ira Hansen (R)
Assembly District 33 John Ellison (R)
Assembly District 35 Tom Blanchard (R)
Assembly District 36 James Oscarson (R)
Assembly District 37 Marcus Conklin (D)
Assembly District 38 Tom Grady (R)
Assembly District 39 Jim Wheeler (R)
Assembly District 40 Pete Livermore (R)
Assembly District 42 Irene Bustamante Adams (D)

Nevada Board of Regents

Board of Regents District 1 Cedric Crear (NP)
Board of Regents District 4 Stavan Corbett (NP)

State Board of Education

State Board of Education District 1 Alexis Gonzales-Black (NP)
State Board of Education District 2 Donna Clontz (NP)
State Board of Education District 3 Allison Serafin (NP)
State Board of Education District 4 Mark Newburn (NP)

Clark County Commission

County Commission District A Steve Sisolak (D)
County Commission District B Ruth Johnson (R)
County Commission District C Larry Brown (D)

Clark County Board of School Trustees

CCSD District A Deanna Wright (NP)
CCSD District B Chris Garvey (NP)
CCSD District C Linda Young (NP)
CCSD District E Patrice Tew (NP)

*The Chamber believes both individuals are exceptional candidates and businesspeople who fully understand business issues.