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The long road to Interstate 11

Written By:

Adam Kealoha Causey

I-11 map

Mention Interstate 11 around here in the borderland, and you may be met with a blank stare.

It’s for good reason: The highway doesn’t yet exist, at least not as a ribbon of asphalt.

I-11 — meant to eventually link Mexico to Canada, and Phoenix to Las Vegas along the way — now is just a concept. It’s on the drawing board with pieces in various stages of development and urgency, depending on whom you ask.

But it’s the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s top economic development priority. Chamber leaders traveled to Washington in September to make that message clear to Nevada’s congressional delegation. I-11 would ease truck congestion on Interstate 5, where federal projections show nothing but traffic increases and choke points through 2035.


Las Vegas Review-Journal