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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce Ranked #4 of Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly Chambers

For chambers of commerce, which for years have built their memberships by providing networking opportunities and business training, social media is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes networking easier, providing additional tools for the chamber to connect with its membership. On the other hand, those same tools enable potential members to make those connections on their own—without the chamber—much more easily than they could have just five or ten years ago.

When used correctly, social media can make membership in the chamber of commerce even more attractive to area businessmen. What’s the trick to making this happen? According to Frank J. Kenny, a social media expert who frequently speaks to chambers and their members, the chamber’s social media efforts must be primarily about the members, not about the chamber itself. This makes members feel valued, and shows that the organization cares about their success.

To determine the most social media friendly chambers of commerce in the U.S., the staff at, didn’t evaluate the content of the messages being put out. That would have been much too time-consuming. Instead, we relied on numbers. We searched the most popular social media sites and recorded the number of followers, likes, pins, etc. for around 550 chambers of commerce that met our minimum requirements for consideration.

The formula we used to compute the final scores was designed to give the most weight to the social media platforms that were most frequently used by the chambers on our list. There were 100 points possible, with 27 for Facebook, 26 for Twitter, 21 for LinkedIn, 19 for YouTube, and a total of 7 points for Flickr, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

If your chamber made the list, feel free to use the top 100 badge on your website or any of your social media accounts, and let the country and your members know about this wonderful accomplishment.