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Las Vegas’ tech sector has come a long way over the past year but still has some maturing to do

Written By:

Eli Segall

Startup Weekend - April

A year ago, Las Vegas’ tech sector was creating a lot of buzz but not many results.

Ideas were flying all over the place. Techies would concoct a business plan and work nonstop for a weekend building a website or software, then lose interest and let the concept fizzle. There was only one big pot of tech-focused investment cash, and out-of-state startups typically moved here only if they received money from it.

Today, Las Vegas’ geek scene is maturing, moving past its raw beginnings and gaining footing as a real industry.

Even though local money remains scarce, tech products and companies are becoming better developed than they were a year ago. Low-cost, startup-focused office space has opened and drawn hundreds of tenants, and companies are moving to Las Vegas whether or not they get money from the Zappos-linked investment fund, helping to boost the valley’s fragile economy.