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Heck says he’ll keep pushing for immigration reform

Written By:

Laura Myers

U.S. Congressman Joe Heck

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck said Tuesday he will continue to push for immigration reform, focusing on efforts to better secure the border and to protect from deportation young illegal immigrants raised in the United States.

President Barack Obama on Monday said he would take executive action on immigration because House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he didn’t plan to bring immigration bills to the House floor this year.

Obama said he would boost border security as tens of thousands of Central American children have crossed the border in hopes of seeking asylum in the U.S., creating a humanitarian crisis. The president said he wants to spend $2 billion on new efforts to deal with the problem.

Heck, R-Nev., said he agreed with Obama’s moves, but he still believes Congress could find the political will to act despite it being an election year and despite objections from conservative House members.

It appears for now that somebody “pulled the plug,” killing immigration reform for this year, Heck said, days after he said the issue was “on life support.” But he added that he wants the House to bring up a bill that would combine border security with so-called DREAMers before the August congressional recess.

“I have not heard the speaker say it’s dead,” Heck said. “So maybe some pieces (of immigration reform) might get out. … If we can get the two things done before the August recess” there might even be a chance to approve more measures when Congress returns later in the year, he said.


Las Vegas Review-Journal