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Heading up to the Hill

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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Capitol Hill

After a productive and successful first day advocating for Southern Nevada’s business community, the Metro Chamber with its largest delegation to date are heading up to Capitol Hill for the day. We’ll be continuing our theme of enhancing Southern Nevada’s economy and creating jobs and opportunities for our region as we meet with Nevada’s Congressional delegation.

The Metro Chamber’s agenda is ambitious – we’ll be discussing a myriad of issues that will help solidify our region’s place in the global economy. Among them are Interstate 11, serving as a major conduit for job creation and economic growth and diversification. Later today, we will receive a briefing on I-11 and meet with the entire I-11 Caucus, co-chaired by Congressman Steven Horsford and comprised of members of the Nevada and Arizona congressional delegations.

We will also continue to push for legislation to designate the Tule Springs Fossil Bed a National Monument. It would be Nevada’s first national monument, and represents a potential boon for several jurisdictions, businesses and economic development. Legislation in the Senate has passed committee, and we are hoping similar legislation is passed out of the House Committee on Natural Resources very soon.

We’ll also be discussing advancing our core industry through the JOLT Act, reauthorizing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) and providing a solid foundation for us to reclaim and increase our share of the international tourism market. We will also delve into issues in workforce development, water infrastructure and homeland security funding. These topics are paramount to the Metro Chamber’s goals of creating jobs and advancing broad regional issues impacting the long-term growth and vibrancy of the Southern Nevada economy.

As the voice of the business community in Southern Nevada, the Metro Chamber is proud to represent its members and the community as we tackle the big issues in moving our region forward.

Keep up-to-date with the Metro Chamber throughout the day. Follow us on Twitter (@LVChamber) and Instagram (@LasVegasMetroChamber) to get real-time updates on meetings, photos of the delegation and videos of the day. It’s a great way to stay engaged with us as we advocate on your behalf.