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Former NDA hires transit guru to forge new direction

Written By:

Jennifer Robison

The former Nevada Development Authority has hired a transportation guru to pave a new road toward economic development.

Local government affairs consultant Tom Skancke will take over Thursday as president and CEO of the nonprofit, now called the Las Vegas Regional Economic Development Council. Former president and CEO Somer Hollingsworth will oversee the council's new-business arm.

Along with its new name and leader, the group has an expanded mission beyond its previous, narrower goal of attracting nongaming businesses here. The new council also wants to keep existing local businesses from leaving. It's looking at cross-agency initiatives to build up education, culture and infrastructure. And it wants to accomplish those goals through fundraising, boosting membership and forging public-private partnerships.

"We've had a tough four or five years, and my goal is to really help rebuild Las Vegas," Skancke said. "I'm excited about what the future of Las Vegas looks like, and what I can do for the future. Everything I have done for the past 25 years in my career has led me to this door."


Las Vegas Review-Journal