Five Ways to Spice Up Your Resume

Written By:

Roy Anthony Rosales, Allegiant

For those who have cobwebs on your resume, or if you’re in the job market, here are a few easy tips to get you in the door for that interview and hopefully on your way to the next stage of
your career as a Vegas Young Professional!

Professional Email Account

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many resumes come across my desk with some interesting email accounts. Since your email address should be at the top of your resume, your email sets the tone for the rest of your information. A quirky email address may raise an eyebrow... and not in a good way. I always recommend using a first name.last name email address. You should treat your email address as your brand. Always remember that first impressions are critical to getting yourself that interview. There are many free email services out there.

Use Bullet Points

Hiring managers are likely already overworked when looking for a candidate. Make it easier for them by using high-level bullet points when marketing yourself in your resume. The average hiring manager reads a resume in less than a minute. They are looking for key points and how your skills, experience and education can contribute to their team. Using bullet points under your job qualification areas or job experience can easily highlight areas you want those hiring managers to see.

Action Words

Lights, Camera, ACTION! This is where your
resume really sells you. Using the bullet
point recommendation above, spice up
your resume with action words to sell your
experience. “I’ve handled many accounts” doesn’t tell any recruiter what you’ve actually accomplished. “Administered more than $1.2 million in revenue generation across five accounts” shows leadership. Action words sell your brand...use them! Google “resume action words” for some examples.

Ensure Text Can Be Read by Resume Scrubbers

Here’s an area where job hunters fail miserably...the resume scrubber. Did you know that most businesses use a resume scrubber service to search for action/ keywords used from the job description? Read the job description carefully and ensure that you can use those bullet points and action words to coincide with the job description requirements. Some companies require 90 percent of the job description action/key words to be on your resume somewhere in your experience qualifications. It’s okay to have more than one resume; just make sure that you save the resume file based on the position for which you applied, so you can go back to review when you get that call.

LinkedIn & Resume Match

LinkedIn is a good resource to network and connect with professionals locally and across the globe for your next career adventure. Did you know that prospective employers do a search on LinkedIn to see how accurate your resume is compared to your LinkedIn profile? Make sure your account and your resume match. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve come across an
“experienced manager” just to see a LinkedIn profile that says they were an analyst that had no manager experience.

Hopefully these five tips will help you in that next step up in your career