Eyes and Ears: Making Your Business' Social Media Count

Written By:

Will Paccione – Dot Xero Digital Marketing Agency

Facebook has 1.3 billion active users, Twitter has 645 million and LinkedIn, 300 million. By the time you finish this article, those numbers will grow by the hundreds of thousands. Effortless communication with people around the world means these types
of platforms aren’t going away anytime soon.

We know that people are spending their time on these social media forms, and businesses want to be where the eyeballs are, so how do you get your business involved?

It starts with your website.

If you want your target audience to connect with your business, you have to make sure that you’re providing valuable, relevant content that’s helpful to the people you want to read, watch and listen to it. Your website not only is the go-to place for information about your business, products and services, it is where you can post the content you want to share through social media.

A blog is a great way to put valuable content on your website. Remember blogs are social platforms as well, and should be the center of your social media efforts. Your informative content will let people know that you are the go-to person in your industry when they have questions or need to hire someone. Each blog article has its own URL that can be shared across social media. Most blogs are set up for comments, allowing your visitors to ask questions and add to what you wrote. Social media is about listening, too, so make sure you respond to readers.

If your website is your newspaper, then social media platforms are the paperboys used to get that great content in front of eyeballs. To share your content, give a short excerpt and link to the actual article on your website. This is better than full articles because your website is where your phone number, location and calls to actions are. On your website, people are also less distracted from other posts, chats, images and ads.

Be social.

It’s called social media for a reason. Think about the personality and style you want to convey on behalf of your business.

Will you be the main voice of your business? When it comes to social media, many times people will connect with the person behind the business, rather than the business account itself. That’s okay, as this all depends on your strategy and how private you want to keep your personal accounts.

How do you get people to connect with you on social media? Start with the people you know and let them know what you plan on sharing.

Remember to search!

I was tweeting back and forth with a company because I had questions about their product. We both found it funny that their competitor jumped in and told me to make sure I check out their product as well. They found our conversation by searching keywords that fit their industry. Now, I don’t recommend jumping into competitor’s conversations, but by using a search, you’ll find people that are asking questions that you may be able to answer. You’ll be able to easily communicate with them and you may gain followers in the meantime.

Keep in mind that social media is not advertising. A good sign is when you start communicating with others on the various platforms.

Don’t just talk. Listen. Share content that’s on other websites and other businesses will appreciate it. They may even return the favor by sharing your content to their followers.

Lastly, be patient. Don’t start looking for a big return on your time investment in a few weeks. Social media is a long term effort that should be part of your ongoing marketing to help communicate with your audience.