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Ex-Chicago Mayor Daley offers economic development tips to Las Vegas

Written By:

Benjamin Spillman

Savvy politicians know politics is a game of addition, not subtraction.

And on Thursday in Las Vegas a member of one of America's savviest political families said the same holds true for economic development.

Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said if Las Vegas wants to expand its global reach beyond the gambling and partying business, then political leaders need to forge alliances, not rivalries, with other cities, nations and even each other.

And it starts, according to Daley, with setting aside party politics when it comes to attracting business to a community.

"I was not a partisan servant, I was not a political servant but I served the people," said Daley, who was Chicago's longest serving mayor from 1989 to 2011.

Daley, who rose to prominence on the back of the legendary Democratic political machine built by his father, former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, spoke to an audience of about 150 people at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Review-Journal