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EDITORIAL: UMC contract needs surgery

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Las Vegas Review-Journal

UMC exterior

Clark County is negotiating new contracts with the Service Employees International Union Local 1107, and one major sticking point is management’s desire to eliminate longevity pay for future hires. The SEIU, of course, wants things to continue as if Las Vegas were still in the boom years of a decade ago. News flash: It’s not.

Whether the county is committed to its position will be revealed Tuesday, when the County Commission is expected to vote on a new contract for about 3,000 University Medical Center employees. The pact not only includes a compounded 5.6 percent pay raise over 18 months, restores merit pay raises and ends a freeze on longevity pay for current workers, it preserves longevity pay for future hires.

Longevity pay gives workers a 0.57 percent raise for every year of service at eight years and beyond. It has no nexus to performance, and it doesn’t exist in the private sector. Keeping longevity pay for future hires will cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in the years ahead. It is pure gravy.


Las Vegas Review-Journal