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Commissioners Vote to Increase Gas Tax

Written By:

Aaron Drawhorn

LAS VEGAS -- Clark County Commissioners voted Tuesday to increase the fuel tax rate to pay for infrastructure improvements around the county.

Under the plan, fuel taxes will go up 3 cents per-gallon, per-year, which will fund up to $700 million in projects, including the Boulder City Bypass and the plan to make the 215 beltway into a complete freeway.

During the first year, which starts in January, the Regional Transportation Commission says motorists can expect to pay an average of $16 more at the pump. In the second year, which is expected to start next summer, drivers can expect to pay $30 more. By the third year, drivers can expect to pay approximately $50 more.

Commissioner Steve Sisolak was the lone vote against the increase.

"I have advocated and argued all along that I think all taxes need to be fair, stable, and broad-cased, and I don't think this tax is any of the three," he said.

Sisolak believes taxpayers are getting a bad deal, but his colleague Larry Brown looks at it differently.


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