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Clark County Prepares for 10 Digit Dialing

Written By:

Cassandra Garcia

Conference call

LAS VEGAS -- Say goodbye to dialing seven digits, you'll now have to use ten because Clark County is adding a second area code. It will be the state's third area code.

The transition period starts Saturday but it will be mandatory soon. The county's second area code means everyone will have to dial 10-digits, even if you are calling right next door.

The change to multiple area codes is a sign of the times in our growing city. With demand for phone numbers at its peak there are only so many to go around and the "702" area code is reaching its max.

Before that shortage puts us in a bind, "725" will be added. It will be assigned to newcomers in the county.

It could become a headache for some. You'll have to re-program anything hooked up to phone line.

Cara Clarke with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce said businesses may feel it the worst.


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