City of Las Vegas Improves Services to Business

The City of Las Vegas is streamlining a number of its business services to better serve Southern Nevada's small business community. This is great news for Chamber members. In a recent Chamber economic survey, many respondents expressed frustration over cumbersome processes these streamlined services will address. The move has already resulted in reduced wait times, more efficient scheduling and faster and easier access to information, paperwork and city personnel.

Online Business Licensing

Small business owners can now apply for and renew City of Las Vegas business licenses online. Las Vegas is the first government entity in Southern Nevada to offer virtual business licensing and application fee payment services, saving businesses time and enhancing convenience.

Consolidated Business Services

In addition to its online offerings, the city's business licensing division is expanding physically, as well. The division recently relocated to the Development Services Center at 333 N. Rancho Dr. The center houses offices to facilitate operations and services of the city's planning, building, safety and land development departments as well as the city engineer, fire prevention services, public works and operations and maintenance administrations. This move is intended to consolidate key business development agencies and services to make them easier for small businesses to access.

Improved Use Of Technology

The city anticipates developing new ways to utilize technology to improve its levels of customer service. The city is currently looking at software that would allow customers to submit development plans online with multidepartment review taking place simultaneously. The use of customer information kiosks is also being discussed as a viable way to provide business owners with instant access to information. Additionally, the city is developing systems that will allow customers to schedule appointments and inspections, and review application status online.

Regional Licensing

The city's business licensing department is looking for ways to help contractors who work regionally as well as locally. Current plans involve working with other municipalities to develop a regional contractor's license that would provide one license that covers work performed in up to four jurisdictions.

"The city's public works department has reduced its review time of civil plans and the fire prevention department has shortened its permitting procedures," says Brian McAnallen, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce vice president of government affairs. "These changes and consolidation of services have a positive impact on small business owners who have previously had to spend time and money on lengthy processes with multiple agencies. We look forward to the city building on these positive strides in the near future with additional processes to ease the regulatory burden on small businesses. This will go a long way in making Las Vegas more business friendly from a development and operations standpoint."

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