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City Of Las Vegas Consolidates Number Of Business Licenses By 37 Percent

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City of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas has finalized the first phase of a major effort to cut down on the number of licenses that businesses are required to carry. As of this month, more than 5,500 businesses were notified that they no longer need to carry multiple business licenses and can conduct their business under one primary license. Businesses will receive a new consolidated sales or services license in the mail as their regular renewals are due over the next six months. Previously, certain businesses were required to process, track and pay multiple bills from the city relating to different licenses. For example, a business may have had a Sales License, an Accessory Sales License and a Clothing Sales License, resulting in separate reporting of sales for each license. Establishing a primary business license will save time and increase efficiency for businesses, as they will now receive one bill from the city and only be required to report combined sales on one license. In addition, the city will no longer have to send out 22,000 bills.

This move is part of a major effort to make it easier to do business in the city. This recent effort has resulted in decreasing the number of business licenses by 37 percent, from 387 different licenses to 241. The city is continuing this effort and plans to make more consolidations over the next year.

This is just one of a number of initiatives the city has undertaken to make it easier for businesses in the city. For example, the city of Las Vegas is the first government agency in Southern Nevada to offer customers the ability to apply for a business license online. Customers can also pay their application fee or renew their current business license online. In another major accomplishment, the city opened its Development Services Center (DSC) in July 2011, a “one-stop-shop” for the business community and others doing additions or construction around the home. The DSC is located at 333 N. Rancho Drive. Business Licensing rounds out the services now offered in one location to the development community, including the Planning Department, Building & Safety Department, Land Development, City Engineer, Fire Prevention, Public Works and Operations & Maintenance administrators.