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Cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County Making It Easier For Contractors To Do Business In The Valley

Starting this week, contractors no longer have to obtain multiple licenses to do business in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County. The first phase of the multi-jurisdictional business license is now in effect, allowing contractors to obtain local licenses in one location - no traveling to each jurisdiction for separate busienss licenses. Applications and fees are now handled in one place and forwarded to the corresponding jurisdictions.

The multi-jurisdictional business license is a major effort among the government agencies that is more than a year in the making.  The four jurisdictions worked closely with our state legislators to create Senate Bill 110. Passed during the 2011 Legislative Session, this bill required the entities to develop a multi-jurisdictional license for contractors by June 17, 2012. The new license had its soft launch on June 17 and has already seen several new contractors apply. So far, the process is running smoothly.

This massive undertaking required creating a central database that allows the jurisdictions to share business license data, and developing a process so that revenue can be transferred among the agencies. All 13,000 current contractor licenses across the four jurisdictions were also analyzed for this effort. It is estimated that at least 60 employees among the four jurisdictions worked on this effort at any given time.

The move simplifies business licensing for contractors, saving them time. Previously, a new contractor had to obtain business licenses from each jurisdiction he or she wanted to do business in. Separate renewals had to be paid each year to each entity the contractor carried a business license with, which were often due at different times. Now, existing contractors will only need one license and to mail their payment to one location when their licenses renew in November. The fees will be dispersed to the corresponding jurisdiction.

“This project has taken the commitment of resources from each entity while at the same time we had to ensure we were maintaining our existing customer service levels,” said Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen. “It has been an extraordinary effort and opened the lines of communication between the entities and shows just how much can be accomplished when we work together.”

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman added, “In this economic climate especially, we need to do everything we can to make it easier for businesses. This multi-jurisdictional business license for contractors is the first step in the right direction for cutting through the red tape for businesses.”

As the entities get through this initial phase, future phases may include consolidated business licenses for similar businesses that cross jurisdictional boundaries, such as landscapers, mobile car washes, etc.

“This license really targets those businesses that travel to multiple jurisdictions, which have been frustrated by having to duplicate their licensing,” said North Las Vegas Mayor Shari L. Buck. “Brick and mortar businesses will continue to only carry one license, and it is my hope we can continue these consolidation efforts to other businesses that provide services in more than one jurisdiction.”

Clark County Commission Chair Susan Brager added, “I want to thank all of the employees from the county and the cities of Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas for their hard work on this project. They analyzed a tremendous amount of data, and created a new process that is more efficient and effective for the business community. I look forward to building upon this collaborative success and expanding this program to other business license categories in the future.”