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Business leaders getting glimpse into future of Las Vegas economy

Written By:

Denise Wong

Vegas at night

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We're getting a glimpse into what we can expect of the economy and business environment here in Southern Nevada this year.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce is hosting its annual Preview Event at the Thomas & Mack Center, where economic experts and business analysts said we have a lot to be optimistic about.

They said Las Vegas has come a long way from a few years ago when we hit rock bottom during the recession.

They said our population is growing, houses are selling and jobs are coming back.

The first speaker, Jeremy Aguero, talked about how we're now one of the fastest growing cities in the country. He also talked about all the projects on the horizon, that are creating jobs and more excitement about Las Vegas as a destination location.

On the Las Vegas Strip, there's The LINQ project, the MGM arena, and the SLS, to only name a few.

He said we saw a lot of progress last year. This year, growth will be more stable, "There will be good signs. It will be continued growth but I think the percentage growth rates have got to come down a little bit only because you can only grow so fast for so long."

Another positive note: Our economy is becoming more diversified.