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Be Sure the Voice of Business is Heard

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The Chamber

Early voting begins Saturday, May 26!

With a busy and pivotal election season already in action, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has announced endorsements for the primary election taking place on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. These candidates have been selected for their commitment to preserving and enhancing the pro-business environment that is vital to rebuilding our economy and creating jobs.

It is essential that candidates are elected who will listen to the business community and understand the impact that legislation can have on struggling businesses.

The Chamber has endorsed candidates in selected offices such as the Nevada State Senate, Nevada State Assembly, Nevada State Board of Education and Clark County Board of School Trustees. Please note that these endorsements relate to the primary election only, and do not constitute the Chamber's endorsement for the general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Chamber will make those decisions at a later date.

Endorsements are made by the Chamber's Government Affairs Committee. This is a group of Chamber members who analyze issues and make determinations that guide the Chamber's positioning on matters to promote fiscal responsibility at the state and local government levels, improve our education system, and strengthen the business environment and economy in Southern Nevada.

For a listing of the endorsed candidates for the primary election, as well as a downloadable PDF, click here.


Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce