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Setting the Stage for our Future

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Kristin McMillan President & CEO

Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” In our 103-year history, the Metro Chamber has always been about the long term and sustaining our community for the

future; it’s consistently been about what’s next, what’s on the horizon and how we can capture the most of our opportunities. Las Vegas itself was built on the concept of “the next best thing.” It is what keeps us in perpetual motion, never stopping and always moving forward, planting the seeds for the next harvest.

Answers To Your Questions, Choices for Your Business

Last month, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Insurance & Benefits announced Chamber Health Options, a comprehensive online marketplace for health insurance. Through this website, you’ll be able to search through individual and small-group health insurance options, seek out subsidies if applicable, and purchase health insurance for you and your employees on your time and on your terms. You may also continue to work directly with your Chamber member broker for your health insurance needs if that is your preference.

Captive 101: What Your Medium to Large Groups Need to Know

As part of its expanded offerings for Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce members, Chamber Health Options is introducing a brand-new captive insurance option for businesses with 20 – 1,000 employees. The Chamber Group Captive is a self-funded option for businesses that want to manage their costs and risks. A group captive is an insurance facility formed by companies joining together to reduce the cost of insurance. Each participating company desires to control their own risk, and member companies generally maintain good loss histories and effective risk management programs.

A New Court Of Appeals: Good For Business

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Greg Brower, Partner, Snell & Wilmer, and Kelly Dove, Associate, Snell & Wilmer

Although no business looks forward to directly experiencing the court system, litigation is a fact of business life. Given this reality, Nevada businesses have an interest in making our state’s judicialsystemasprofessional,efficientandfair as possible. The second – efficiency – can be improved, and that is the goal of the effort to create a new court of appeals.

Your Feedback Requested from Clark County: Taverns with a Class A Gaming License

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Notification of Proposed Amendment to Clark County Code, Chapter 12.43

Dear Licensees and Community Partners:

Please by notified pursuant to NRS 237.080, or proposed amendments to Clark County Code, Title 8, Chapter 8.20, to revise requirements for Taverns operating with a Class A Gaming license. The amendments are available for your review online at

Your Feedback Requested from Clark County: Proposed Fire Code Fee Restructuring

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Dear Business Owners and Community Partners:

Editorial: Vote No on 3

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Las Vegas Review-Journal

No on 3

The most important campaign this fall is statewide ballot Question 3. No other race has the potential to cause so much harm while delivering so little good in return.

Question 3 would impose a 2 percent margins tax on all Nevada businesses that collect at least $1 million in annual revenue. If approved by voters, Question 3 would hammer employers with the largest tax increase in state history, a levy that instantly would make Nevada a less desirable place to start or expand a business.

The Rundown: Here's What You Need To Know

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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Paul Moradkhan

What You Need to Know This Week in Government Affairs

Paul Moradkhan Chosen as Metro Chamber’s new Government Affairs Vice President

The Metro Chamber is pleased to announce Paul Moradkhan has been promoted to our new Vice President of Government Affairs. Paul brings extensive public policy know-how and experience, and he has a proven track record of effectively representing the Metro Chamber and its 5,000 members at every level of government. Paul will begin his new role on Monday, September 15.

Metro Chamber Chooses Moradkhan as Vice President of Government Affairs

Las Vegas – Today, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce announces that Paul Moradkhan will take the reins as the vice president of its Government Affairs division. Moradkhan will oversee the Metro Chamber’s extensive advocacy efforts on public policy priorities at the federal, regional, state and local levels. Moradkhan will begin his new role on September 15.

The Reality of the Margin Tax on Nevada

When we see something in our path that could potentially cause us harm – whether it’s another car stopped in front of ours, another person barreling towards us as we walk down the street, or a ballot measure that stands to erase the strides our state has taken since the Great Recession – we must do one of two things: put on the brakes or brace for impact.

Las Vegas Chamber shifts health insurance strategy

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The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has a new battle plan in its fight to keep members insured.

Mandates in the Affordable Care Act are forcing the chamber to surrender its group-health policies. In their place, the association will launch a private health insurance exchange for its 5,000 members. Chamber Health Options is scheduled to go live midmonth as perhaps the first — but probably not the last — private exchange for a business organization based in the Silver State.

member to member

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Question 3 on November’s statewide ballot concerns the Margin Tax Initiative. While it’s convincingly marketed as a way to fund our schools, there are serious flaws in its application that we must understand before voting. Because my law practice serves businesses, the Chamber asked how the Margin Tax would affect my clients. Rather than hazard a guess, I asked them. Here’s what my clients said: