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Tell CCSD School Board Trustees Our Students Deserve the Best - Make Your Voice Heard Today!

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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce is calling on members of the Clark County Board of School Trustees to conduct a comprehensive, objective and unbiased national search for the next school district superintendent.

Click below to send an email of support for the national search to the school board trustees today!

We need your help to ensure the trustees move forward and conduct a national search for a superintendent. Improving the quality of K-12 education is critical to the economic future of Southern Nevada. We need to find the best person to meet this challenge.

Failure is Not an Option

As a community, we talk about the need to improve K-12 education. We talk about the problems that our students face in the classroom. We talk about the low graduation rate. We talk about how we are leaving behind children and not preparing them for the workforce. The question is what we can do as the employers in Southern Nevada to help transform our education system? The answer is to successfully advocate for change in Carson City this legislative session - not two years from now - but today. Our students cannot wait another two years. Southern Nevada cannot wait another two years.

Parity? What's That?

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Las Vegas Sun Editorial

UNLV campus

Last August, university system regents passed a budget that was a supposed win for Southern Nevada. Officials talked about the “shift” of funding from northern and rural campuses to the south.

More than $13.2 million of additional money was supposed to go to three southern teaching institutions — UNLV, Nevada State College and CSN. The budget was hailed for bringing a sense of parity to the way the Nevada System of Higher Education funds its schools.

Water authority delays water charge increase amid chamber concerns

Written By:

Henry Brean

The Southern Nevada Water Authority on Thursday faced criticism about transparency once again as board members delayed action on a water charge increase that even seemed to catch them by surprise.

Authority General Manager Pat Mulroy insisted the increase in the wholesale delivery charge was routine and would not result in higher bills to customers. But she took heat from the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and others for offering too little information and no opportunity for meaningful public input before the matter came up for a vote.

Water board delays vote on adding wholesale charges

Written By:

Sandra Gonzalez

LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) -- It’s getting more expensive to deliver water and treat it, especially as Lake Mead levels continue to drop. That’s why Southern Nevada Water Authority will be charging local water utilities about $4.5 million.

The board wanted to learn more about the wholesale water charges so a vote was put off until next month’s SNWA board meeting.

But SNWA General Manager Pat Mulroy didn’t mince words when she addressed the board about the situation.

Water Rates Could Increase

Written By:

8 News Now

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is considering raising rates for municipalities. Some are concerned the cost would be passed on to consumers. The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce weighs in on the issue.

McMillan and McMuffins

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green to grad

Kristin McMillan, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, will be working at a local McDonald's to give Southern Nevada students a well-deserved break. On Friday, April 5, Kristin will volunteer as part of the 3rd Annual "Green for Grads" event to raise money for scholarships to help Southern Nevada students.

Change for sake of change not enough

Written By:

Hugh Anderson

The Nevada System of Higher Education is proposing a new formula to fund higher education in the state. The method by which we fund our universities and colleges means a great deal for job creation, economic development and the long-term future of Southern Nevada.

Our economy depends on higher education to produce the workforce, the research and the innovation it needs to thrive. We need to have a full, honest, fact-based conversation during the 2013 Legislature about the best way to achieve these goals.

Metro Chamber Endorses Candidates in Municipal Races

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce announces its endorsement of candidates in several local races for the city elections scheduled this spring.

Chamber connects local businesses with Nellis Air Force Base

Chamber connects local businesses with Nellis Air Force Base.

2013 Chairman Message - Jay Barrett

2013 Chairman Message - Jay Barrett

2013 Board of Trustees Installation

2013 Board of Trustees Installation