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AOL co-founder Steve Case to judge Startup Weekend Vegas

Written By:

Kristy Totten

Aspiring entrepreneurs will have a high-profile judge to impress at the sixth Startup Weekend Vegas, a 54-hour event that challenges participants to envision and create a new business in three sessions.

Steve Case, AOL co-founder and chairman of Startup America, will judge the contest.

“It’s a big deal for us to have someone of his caliber taking the time to be a part of our community,” event organizer Adam Kramer said.

Stay Informed with Business Impact Statements from the Southern Nevada Water Authority

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The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) member agencies publish a Business Impact Statement (BIS) notice to inform impacted businesses in their service areas when the agencies are considering a rate increase, as required by Nevada Revised Statute 237.030. In addition, the member agencies send a copy of the BIS notice to local chambers of commerce, trade organizations and other business-related groups. This helps to increase local government transparency and help keep the business community apprised of any potential impact the proposed rate increases may have on their businesses.

Latest Vision for Las Vegas: A Downtown Vibe

Written By:

Michael Kimmelman

LAS VEGAS — Tony Hsieh didn’t look much like a modern-day Bugsy Siegel. Wearing backpack, T-shirt and jeans, standing outside a downtown bar, he patrolled his future empire along East Fremont Street here one sweltering morning.

Will Las Vegas take a stand in this revolution?

Written By:

Steve Sebelius

Las Vegas City Manager Betsy Fretwell says Las Vegas has the potential to be a “sleeper city,” that is, one that surprises the rest of the country and the world with its innovation and industry.

The good news is, she may be right. But the bad news is, she may be right because the rest of the nation has such low expectations of our city.

When it comes to gambling, we’ve got surprise and delight down. If there’s a new way to separate people from their money by proposing a mathematically improbable wager, it probably originated here.

Why joining a chamber of commerce is essential to building business relationships

Written By:

Paul Delos Santos

There’s a saying in business that to make money, you need to spend money.

Experts say one of the smartest expenses a businessperson can take on is joining a chamber of commerce, which can be one of the best forums to build business relationships.

Southern Nevada has dozens of chambers, and while each caters to a different demographic, they all share a common goal: help businesses grow.

Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce Ranked #4 of Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly Chambers

For chambers of commerce, which for years have built their memberships by providing networking opportunities and business training, social media is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes networking easier, providing additional tools for the chamber to connect with its membership. On the other hand, those same tools enable potential members to make those connections on their own—without the chamber—much more easily than they could have just five or ten years ago.

To search or not to search: Clark County School Board remains undecided

Written By:

Trevon Milliard

To search for a superintendent or not?

After almost three months of back and forth, the Clark County School Board still couldn’t come to a decision Monday night despite holding a four-and-a-half-hour meeting to answer that “simple question,” as one high school teacher put it during public comment.

The seven School Board members heard from many teachers and community leaders who were adamant about what they should do to select the next leader of the Clark County School District.

Tell CCSD School Board Trustees Our Students Deserve the Best - Make Your Voice Heard Today!

Written By:

Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce is calling on members of the Clark County Board of School Trustees to conduct a comprehensive, objective and unbiased national search for the next school district superintendent.

Click below to send an email of support for the national search to the school board trustees today!

We need your help to ensure the trustees move forward and conduct a national search for a superintendent. Improving the quality of K-12 education is critical to the economic future of Southern Nevada. We need to find the best person to meet this challenge.

Failure is Not an Option

As a community, we talk about the need to improve K-12 education. We talk about the problems that our students face in the classroom. We talk about the low graduation rate. We talk about how we are leaving behind children and not preparing them for the workforce. The question is what we can do as the employers in Southern Nevada to help transform our education system? The answer is to successfully advocate for change in Carson City this legislative session - not two years from now - but today. Our students cannot wait another two years. Southern Nevada cannot wait another two years.

Parity? What's That?

Written By:

Las Vegas Sun Editorial

UNLV campus

Last August, university system regents passed a budget that was a supposed win for Southern Nevada. Officials talked about the “shift” of funding from northern and rural campuses to the south.

More than $13.2 million of additional money was supposed to go to three southern teaching institutions — UNLV, Nevada State College and CSN. The budget was hailed for bringing a sense of parity to the way the Nevada System of Higher Education funds its schools.

Water authority delays water charge increase amid chamber concerns

Written By:

Henry Brean

The Southern Nevada Water Authority on Thursday faced criticism about transparency once again as board members delayed action on a water charge increase that even seemed to catch them by surprise.

Authority General Manager Pat Mulroy insisted the increase in the wholesale delivery charge was routine and would not result in higher bills to customers. But she took heat from the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and others for offering too little information and no opportunity for meaningful public input before the matter came up for a vote.

Water board delays vote on adding wholesale charges

Written By:

Sandra Gonzalez

LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) -- It’s getting more expensive to deliver water and treat it, especially as Lake Mead levels continue to drop. That’s why Southern Nevada Water Authority will be charging local water utilities about $4.5 million.

The board wanted to learn more about the wholesale water charges so a vote was put off until next month’s SNWA board meeting.

But SNWA General Manager Pat Mulroy didn’t mince words when she addressed the board about the situation.