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North Las Vegas Mayor Optimistic About City's Future

Written By:

8 News Now

Mayor John Lee addressed the Metro Chamber membership at its popular North Las Vegas Breakfast series. During his remarks, he outlined some of the opportunities he plans on harnessing as the city's new leader, and how he intends to bring new businesses, industries and residents to North Las Vegas. Chamber president and CEO Kristin McMillan offers her insight on Mayor Lee's vision for the city.

New North Las Vegas mayor states goals for recovery

Written By:

Krystal Allen

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KSNV -- With a mix of straight talk and humor, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee laid out his vision for the city's future this morning at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Santa Fe Station.

It is a future, the new mayor says, that cannot move forward without tackling its troubled financial past.

“If we are in an emergency situation, we have to show the state what we're doing to get out of it. We need a plan,” Lee said. “I'm going through that budget to see where we are and how we can eliminate the stress on the region.”

South by Southwest Comes to Las Vegas

Written By:

Sharie Harvin, Lauren Rozyla, & Nick Pantazi

LAS VEGAS - Some of the world's most innovative minds are in Las Vegas this week for the first South by Southwest V2V conference.

The event, a spin-off of South by Southwest's annual event in Austin, Texas, aims to connect entrepreneurs and investors.

SXSW V2V's entrance marks a significant coup for Las Vegas. Our city's emergence as an incubator for technological start-up companies made it an attractive location for SXSW organizers. More than 300 start-ups call Las Vegas home.

As Startup Weekend begins, definition of 'startup' varies

Written By:

Kristy Totten

A startup isn’t a startup when it starts.

At least that’s one line of thinking.

Dylan Bathurst, one of three co-founders of Rumgr, a free iPhone app that helps people sell their stuff, says for a company to be considered a startup, rapid growth has to be built into its business model.

“It’s a company that’s built to grow quickly and to a very large scale,” he said. “Whereas a small business would be like a pizza shop, which is definitely ‘starting up’ something, but it’s not really considered a startup.”

Potential seen in Las Vegas' inaugural SXSW event

Written By:

Laura Carroll

Las Vegas’ inaugural South By Southwest will be a small but important fete with plenty of potential.

First, it’s not the Austin, Texas, event. Las Vegas’ version is all about the entrepreneur looking for help and the venture capitalist looking for the next great idea.

In Austin each March, SXSW LLC produces a two-week series of events geared toward film, music and interactive professionals.

The Austin event started out as a music festival, but the Las Vegas conference is finding its legs as a business-to-business event.

Startup Weekend Vegas

If your brain is burning up with ideas that you know can start a big corporation, then this event is for you! Find out where you can pitch and perfect those plans today!

Clark County Prepares for 10 Digit Dialing

Written By:

Cassandra Garcia

Conference call

LAS VEGAS -- Say goodbye to dialing seven digits, you'll now have to use ten because Clark County is adding a second area code. It will be the state's third area code.

The transition period starts Saturday but it will be mandatory soon. The county's second area code means everyone will have to dial 10-digits, even if you are calling right next door.

The change to multiple area codes is a sign of the times in our growing city. With demand for phone numbers at its peak there are only so many to go around and the "702" area code is reaching its max.

AOL co-founder Steve Case to judge Startup Weekend Vegas

Written By:

Kristy Totten

Aspiring entrepreneurs will have a high-profile judge to impress at the sixth Startup Weekend Vegas, a 54-hour event that challenges participants to envision and create a new business in three sessions.

Steve Case, AOL co-founder and chairman of Startup America, will judge the contest.

“It’s a big deal for us to have someone of his caliber taking the time to be a part of our community,” event organizer Adam Kramer said.

Stay Informed with Business Impact Statements from the Southern Nevada Water Authority

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The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) member agencies publish a Business Impact Statement (BIS) notice to inform impacted businesses in their service areas when the agencies are considering a rate increase, as required by Nevada Revised Statute 237.030. In addition, the member agencies send a copy of the BIS notice to local chambers of commerce, trade organizations and other business-related groups. This helps to increase local government transparency and help keep the business community apprised of any potential impact the proposed rate increases may have on their businesses.

Latest Vision for Las Vegas: A Downtown Vibe

Written By:

Michael Kimmelman

LAS VEGAS — Tony Hsieh didn’t look much like a modern-day Bugsy Siegel. Wearing backpack, T-shirt and jeans, standing outside a downtown bar, he patrolled his future empire along East Fremont Street here one sweltering morning.

Will Las Vegas take a stand in this revolution?

Written By:

Steve Sebelius

Las Vegas City Manager Betsy Fretwell says Las Vegas has the potential to be a “sleeper city,” that is, one that surprises the rest of the country and the world with its innovation and industry.

The good news is, she may be right. But the bad news is, she may be right because the rest of the nation has such low expectations of our city.

When it comes to gambling, we’ve got surprise and delight down. If there’s a new way to separate people from their money by proposing a mathematically improbable wager, it probably originated here.

Why joining a chamber of commerce is essential to building business relationships

Written By:

Paul Delos Santos

There’s a saying in business that to make money, you need to spend money.

Experts say one of the smartest expenses a businessperson can take on is joining a chamber of commerce, which can be one of the best forums to build business relationships.

Southern Nevada has dozens of chambers, and while each caters to a different demographic, they all share a common goal: help businesses grow.