My Chamber Story: Simply Scuba

It may seem strange to see a scuba store in the desert, but Simply Scuba thrives because Las Vegas residents want to go on vacation too. We provide a convenient venue where people can obtain their scuba certification locally before their summer travels. Our motto, “Stress-Free Scuba Training” is not just a catchy tagline, we actually live that training philosophy with every student. We specialize in serving those who may be nervous about the training by proceeding at the student’s pace, and not ours. We also limit our classes to just 4 students, which allows each of them more time to practice their skills and reduces any real or perceived time pressures, which of course reduces stress.As a specialized business, educating local residents and business owners about the fun and benefits of scuba diving can be challenging. That is why we proudly joined the Chamber of Commerce and are well into our first year of membership. Not only did the staff help me put on a great Grand Opening celebration, but I have also been welcomed into every available mixer and have taken advantage of meeting potential customers through their many networking opportunities. I truly appreciate their support.