Las Vegas Chamber Joins Forces with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in an Exclusive Association Health Plan Partnership

Today, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber is very pleased to announce that it is joining forces with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer an Association Health Plan (AHP) beginning this fall. The plan is an exclusive partnership and will be the only AHP in Nevada that will offer insurance to sole proprietors, small and medium sized businesses, and larger companies.

The Las Vegas Chamber’s health insurance plans through Anthem will offer robust benefits and coverages, as well as very competitive pricing. The Metro Chamber has reached agreement on a two-year rate with Anthem that begins with some plans being available by October 1. Additionally, employers will be able to also select dental, vision, and life insurance coverages as part of their insurance package to enhance employee benefits and take advantage of affordable pricing.

The Las Vegas Chamber and Anthem will unveil the details of the new health insurance plan options to members and brokers in September. The plan remains subject to review and approval by the Nevada Division of Insurance but will be open to any business in Nevada, including sole proprietors, and there is no limit to the number of employees, as long as the business is a member of the Las Vegas Chamber.

Bringing back an Association Health Plan has been the most critical imperative of the Chamber’s Chairman of the Board, Mike Bolognini. “Affordable low-cost healthcare is critical to the long-term economic prosperity of Southern Nevada businesses. Rising healthcare costs have been strangling the Chamber’s small and medium size members and now the Chamber is in a position to positively impact their bottom line,” said Bolognini.

The Metro Chamber has been actively engaged in the reintroduction of an AHP since President Trump issued Executive Order 13813 in October 2017. The Chamber submitted a letter to the United States Department of Labor (DOL) during its request for public comments and met with senior staff at DOL in February regarding its intention of once again offering an AHP. Additionally, Chamber leaders met with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta during the association’s annual trip to Washington, D.C. in July.

“The Las Vegas Metro Chamber has a long history of success in this area and we’re excited that the Las Vegas Metro Chamber is stepping up to really lead this effort now,” said Secretary Acosta during an interview in July.

The Las Vegas Chamber brings tremendous experience in offering an AHP. Prior to the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the Metro Chamber had offered a small business group plan for nearly 30 years, covering more than 20,000 lives.

“We’ve listened to our members and brokers about what they need most. We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Anthem that combines robust health coverage with affordability and extremely competitive pricing,” said Mary Beth Sewald, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber.

“Anthem is committed to making high quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for consumers,” says Mike Murphy, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Nevada. “Through the Las Vegas Chamber, employers can access Anthem’s robust benefits and affordable choices to help keep employees and their families healthy and connected to quality care.”

In order to provide the most competitive and comprehensive healthcare options for our members, the Chamber issued a Request For Proposals in June, following the DOL issuing its new regulations for AHPs. Since July, the Chamber has been reviewing proposals, including plan options and rates, and negotiating with multiple carriers to ensure that the Metro Chamber selected the best healthcare partner and that it’s AHP will be extremely favorable to small employers and sole proprietors.