Discount: $99 New Patient Special

Thinique Medical Weight Loss is excited to announce the grand opening of its clinic

in Las Vegas, on Blue Diamond.

4360 Blue Diamond Road, Suite 103
Las Vegas, NV 89139
Ph: (702) 843-5139

The Program: 
Physician Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Overview: Why Thinique™ Works So Well

Thinique™ is the revolutionary new physician supervised medical weight loss program that teaches you how to change your life for the better through the latest advances in nutrition and dieting.

The key to Thinique’s success lies in the words “physician supervised.”  We don’t entrust your weight loss needs to unqualified food gurus or passing diet fads. We use only board certified doctors and nurse practitioners, and certified medical assistants. Our solutions are non-surgical (no lap bands,  no invasive operations or procedures), and are centered around the latest in dieting, nutritional and exercise principles.

Our experienced and uniquely trained staff of medical professionals provide a wide menu of products and services to help you achieve optimal weight levels. First we do a medical intake exam physical and tests to determine your current state of health. That may lead to any of several vitamin regimens, vitamin B injections and/or prescription or non-prescription appetite suppressants. In short, Thinique™ is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s tailored to you as an individual, which is why it works so well.

Thinique™ is designed by experts in medicine, nutrition, fitness, motivation and education. Your weight loss program is customized to help you reach your weight goals, taking into consideration your personal physical situation, lifestyle challenges and medical history.

We have a two-phase system of evaluation and administration of  supplements and/or medications, followed by a sustainable exercise and nutrition program. Your first visit will last about 90 minutes and includes a bariatric examination and medical history, along with a physical, EKG, blood work, weight, and BMI measurement in addition to a body fat analysis.

Our proprietary diet plan is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, fat and sugar. Patients may eat regular store-bought food (but no prepackaged meals) as long as it fits within the dietary guidelines outlined in their new patient booklet.

We offer alternative weight loss programs, low testosterone services for men, and specialized programs for diabetics.

Physician-Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Physician-supervised weight loss – Is there any smarter way to approach weight loss?  Not that we’ve ever seen. Call or email us today and get started on the path to a new, thinner you.

Some of our grand opening specials will include:

  • $99 New Patient Special (A $250 value)
  • Free Skinny Boost, B-12, or Low-T Injections
  • Discounts on Thinique vitamins and supplements
  • Health Consultations with a Health Coach
  • Body composition analyses

For more information and to find out about more exciting specials contact your Health Coach at your nearest Thinique Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

Expiration Date

Saturday, July 19, 2014
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Contact Information

Thinique Medical Weight Loss
4360 Blue Diamond Road Suite 103
Las Vegas  Nevada  89139
United States