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Customer Service Excellence

Reward the best and brightest customer service stars in your business! Managed in cooperation with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Customer Service Excellence is a FREE turnkey program designed to encourage “above and beyond” service in Las Vegas and inspire extraordinary customer care throughout Southern Nevada.

It is the only Valley-wide program of its kind and plays a vital role in promoting a strong and positive service attitude, especially among front-line employees. In 2014, nearly 5,000 individuals representing 550 local businesses were recognized for their dedication to excellent customer service.

Participation in the program is easy. Anyone can nominate – customers, co-workers, supervisors and others. On their first nomination, nominees are invited to a recognition ceremony featuring live entertainment, a photo opportunity with local dignitaries, a commemorative pin and certificate and prize drawings. Customer Service Excellence can be used as an employee recognition program, or in addition to an existing one.

The program is easy to implement and fun to encourage. Give your company additional publicity for its commitment to exceptional service and enroll today! To get more information on the program or to enroll, contact Events at or 702.641.5822.


The Customer Service Excellence calendar year runs from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015.

Nomination Deadlines:

Quarter 1: January 23, 2015

Quarter 2: April 24, 2015

Quarter 3: June 26, 2015

Quarter 4: August 14, 2015


Quarter 1: February 25, 2015

Quarter 2: May 27, 2015

Quarter 3: July 30, 2015

Quarter 4: September 16, 2015

Luncheon Date:

November 13, 2015

Achievement Levels

During a program year, all nominations are tracked. Each nominee is invited to attend the annual Customer Service Excellence Luncheon. Special recognition is given to those nominees that are recognized multiple times over the course of the program year:

3-5 Nominations Bronze Certificate
6-10 Nominations Silver Certificate
11+ Nominations Gold Certificate

Five Star and Person of the Year Awards

Each quarter, the Customer Service Excellence Committee selects one individual that has truly gone above and beyond in his or her efforts to provide exemplary customer service, and awards that individual the Five Star Award. These individuals receive extra recognition at the quarterly ceremonies and special recognition at the annual luncheon.

At the annual luncheon, a Customer Service Excellence Person of the Year is selected from the Five Star Award winners of that year. That person receives special prizes and podium recognition at the luncheon.

5 Star Award Winners:

Delbert Jones, Clark County

The Customer Service Excellence Five Star award winner for Second Quarter 2015 is Delbert Jones of Clark County for going above and beyond to bring IT and computer software support to fellow employees. According to his nomination form, "Delbert Jones is outstanding when it comes to providing customer service. He goes above and beyond at all times providing training, guidance and help and does it all with a smile."

His nominator also adds, "My department recently implemented a new computer software program that he has oversight of and my coworkers and I had many questions. He jokingly suggested he work from our office during the transition. Much to my surprise he did come to our office, forwarded his office phone to his cell, logged onto a computer to take care of his work and was available to us that afternoon whenever we had a question. Delbert goes out of his way to make sure that we understand new programs and can use them correctly in the performance of our jobs.

In other words, because of Delbert, we look good! He is concerned about following through on his promises and always keeps us informed. Delbert deserves to be acknowledged for his great customer service; he is a gem to say the least!"

Congratulations to Delbert Jones for his outstanding customer service!

Debra Proctor, D’Bora Designs

The Customer Service Excellence Five Star award winner for Second Quarter 2014 is Debra Proctor of D’Bora Designs, a local upscale women’s fashion design company that specializes in the designing and creation of custom evening, special occasion and bridal wear, for going out of her way to making a bride’s special day a success. Part of the nomination from the customer reads:

I am the mother of a recent bride. My daughter and I had ordered her wedding dress from a well-known bridal shop here in Las Vegas approximately 5 months before the wedding. There were issues with the dress – it was lost – it was sent to the wrong place, etc. The dress arrived on the Tuesday before my daughter’s wedding on Saturday. Debra Proctor, and independent contractor for the bridal shop, schedules an appointment with my daughter for the fitting and alteration that day. We met with Debra 2 more times that week and she worked so hard to make the dress perfect for my daughter. She saved the day, she turned a bad situation into a very positive experience. Debra is an exceptional seamstress and has a wonderful attitude. She even came to the wedding on Saturday morning to help my daughter with the dress. She went way above and beyond what I ever expected. I want to let Debra know how grateful my daughter Nicole and I are to her.

Robert Picanzo, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

The Customer Service Excellence Five Star award winner for Third Quarter 2014 is Robert Picanzo, a Certified Nursing Assistant from Sunrise Hospital, who went out of his way to deliver kindness and great service during a family’s darkest hour. Part of the nomination from the mother of his patient reads:

“My son Michael was in a motorcycle accident. His foot was crushed which forced him to have two operations on his foot, and two toes amputated. It was the first time my son had ever been in the hospital and I was so impressed with the quality of care Robert Picanzo gave my son. The care, compassion and overall concern were so amazing. Robert was always there when we needed something and went far beyond his scope of practice to help us and my son. After Michael’s second operation, we were waiting for him to return to his room and Robert came in and asked us all how things were going. He then gave all of Michael’s family – his two sisters, girlfriend and me – a warm, meaningful hug. This young man is a dedicated CNA that is working for the cause, the patients and the love of his job. There should be more like him and we were very lucky to have him in our lives when my son was at Sunrise Hospital. As a charge RN nurse myself, I would be honored to work with him.”

Jordan Hensley, Real Property Management Las Vegas

Jordan Hensley of Real Property Management Las Vegas, a local property management company that provides outstanding management services for owners of single-family homes, apartment complexes, multi-family homes, and more. Jordan keeps his spirits and work-ethic high even in the most stressful of times. Part of the nomination from Jordan’s employer reads:

“Since becoming the office manager in 2011, Jordan Hensley has drastically improved upon his customer service skills. One of Jordan’s best qualities that have helped him improve his customer service is his strong work ethic. Jordan takes his job very seriously and cares that things are done right and deadlines are met. Last year, Jordan’s wife was hospitalized and placed on bed-rest towards the end of a high risk pregnancy with triplets. Jordan did a remarkable job of balancing his responsibilities at home and at the office. Due to our company’s rapid growth he sacrificed his private office for another employee so they could have a suitable workstation- he was placed at a junky table for six months, but he kept a level head through it all and never complained. The remarkable thing was that his positive attitude was actually better than normal under these conditions. Jordan has demonstrated consistent development of himself for the betterment of all those around him. Without complaint, he has shown he is willing to go beyond what is expected to become a true professional. Jordan is very deserving of this prestigious 5 Star Award for his commitment to excellent customer service.”

Even in the face of adversity, Jordan has been able to maintain his strong work ethic, balance his home-life and develop himself within his career.

2014 Customer Service Excellence Person of the Year

Aldo Mencatto, Marilyn’s Café inside the Tuscany Casino

The Customer Service Excellence Five Star award winner for First Quarter 2014 is Aldo Mencatto, manager of Marilyn’s Café inside the Tuscany Casino, for his dedication and kindness to one of his customers. The customer who nominated Aldo wrote:

I moved here with my mother in December of 2009. My mother was 87 years old at the time. We started eating at the café and soon became regular patrons. Although the food is good this is not the reason we became regulars. We became regulars because of Mr. Mencatto’s ability to make my mother feel so very, very special every single time we came in.

He would always come over and give my mother a huge and caring hug and a kiss on the cheek. He made it a point to always escort her to her seat when we arrived, and escort her out of the restaurant when our meal was over. He gave her flowers on Mother’s Day as well as small gifts on her birthdays. In fact he made my mother feel so special that we ate there and average of 6 days a week for over 3 and a half years until her passing. She felt so much caring and compassion from Mr. Mencatto. So much so, that she never wanted to go anywhere else to eat! It was the highlight of her day just waiting to go see Aldo. He made her feel special every opportunity that he could. He went beyond the call of duty to her. This meant the world to me, and even more so to her.

My mother passed away at 90 years old in May 2012. To this day I am so thankful to Mr. Mencatto’s generous and caring spirit. Due to his compassionate nature he contributed beyond any words I can express to my mother’s happiness in the latter years of her full life.


Check out these past nominees and the proud companies they represent. Thank you for providing excellent customer service on a daily basis and making Las Vegas the hospitality destination that it is!

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