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Customer Service Excellence

Reward the best and brightest customer service stars in your business! Managed in cooperation with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, Customer Service Excellence is a FREE turnkey program designed to encourage “above and beyond” service in Las Vegas and inspire extraordinary customer care throughout Southern Nevada.

It is the only Valley-wide program of its kind and plays a vital role in promoting a strong and positive service attitude, especially among front-line employees. In 2016, over 6,000 individuals representing 550 local businesses were recognized for their dedication to excellent customer service.

Participation in the program is easy. Anyone can nominate – customers, co-workers, supervisors and others. On their first nomination, nominees are invited to a recognition ceremony featuring live entertainment, a photo opportunity with local dignitaries, a commemorative pin and certificate and prize drawings. Customer Service Excellence can be used as an employee recognition program, or in addition to an existing one.

The program is easy to implement and fun to encourage. Give your company additional publicity for its commitment to exceptional service and enroll today! To get more information on the program or to enroll, contact Events at or 702.641.5822.


The Customer Service Excellence calendar year runs from September 2016 to September 2017.

Nomination Deadlines:
Quarter 1: January 13, 2017 
Quarter 2: March 31, 2017 
Quarter 3: June 30, 2017 
Quarter 4: September 29, 2017

Recognition Ceremonies:
Quarter 1: February 16, 2017 
Quarter 2: May 2, 2017 
Quarter 3: TBD August, 2017 
Quarter 4: TBD November, 2017

Luncheon Date:
November 2017

All dates are subject to change

Achievement Levels

During a program year, all nominations are tracked. Each nominee is invited to attend the annual Customer Service Excellence Luncheon. Special recognition is given to those nominees that are recognized multiple times over the course of the program year:

3-5 Nominations Bronze Certificate
6-10 Nominations Silver Certificate
11+ Nominations Gold Certificate

Five Star and Person of the Year Awards

Each quarter, the Customer Service Excellence Committee selects one individual that has truly gone above and beyond in his or her efforts to provide exemplary customer service, and awards that individual the Five Star Award. These individuals receive extra recognition at the quarterly ceremonies and special recognition at the annual luncheon.

At the annual luncheon, a Customer Service Excellence Person of the Year is selected from the Five Star Award winners of that year. That person receives special prizes and podium recognition at the luncheon.

5 Star Award Winners:

Dachresha Harris, Regional Trasportation Commission
The first quarter’s Five-Star winner is Dachresha Harris, Human Resources Supervisor at the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. Dachresha received THREE nominations for her outstanding service during the first quarter of the year.

Here is a portion of her nomination letters: Dachresha Harris has been an RTC employee for approximately 15 years. She is an outstanding professional and mentor, and is always going above and beyond to answer questions, find up-to-date information and provide assistance wherever possible. She also remains calm, cool and collected while handling issues that arise, and resolving problems to keep customers satisfied. She actively gives back to the community and raised approximately $900 in October for Breast Cancer Awareness. She is valued because of her giving heart and willingness to help everybody! Dachresha is a phenomenal leader who deserves to be recognized for the hard work and effort she puts in everyday.

Dachresha’s dedication to her company is outstanding and these nomination letters are a testament to the hard work she puts in every day to satisfy her customers and give back to the community.

Chris Galzote, Rimini Street Inc.
The third quarter’s Five-Star winner is Chris Galzote of Rimini Street.

Here is a portion of his nomination letters: Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Chris Galzote will agree he is the epitome of the phrase “Team Spirit.” Always the first one to volunteer and make himself readily available, Chris is known for his reliability and enthusiasm in which he carries out any task assigned. While we have always known Chris to be a kind hearted individual, we were astounded to find out just how committed he was to the success of others in the company. Almost one year ago, Chris took a new team member under his wing and helped him find a place to live and figure out a career in the IT department. We are so very proud to call Chris Galzote our colleague.

Chris’ dedication to his colleague is outstanding and these letters are a testament to the hard work he puts in every day to satisfy his company and give back to the community.

Daniel Ibarra, Snow Frosty Inc.

The fourth quarter’s Five-Star winner is Daniel Ibarra, with Snow Frosty Heating & Air Conditioning. Daniel goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to his customers.

Here is a portion of his nomination letter: I called another air conditioning company this summer and was pressured into financing $8,900 dollars so I could provide cold air to my children. However, a coworker recommended me to Snow Frosty and told me to speak to Daniel personally. He asked questions about what my current system was doing, calmed me down about financing and assured me that he could fix the problem. He said the damage was only $450 dollars, and helped me work out a much simpler payment plan. I am grateful for Daniel's honesty and professionalism and helping out someone in need who simply just wanted to provide cool air for their children. Daniel Ibarra provided me with excellent customer service, and went above and beyond for my family, putting me before the money.
Daniel’s dedication to his customers is outstanding and this nomination letter is a testament to the hard work he puts in every day to satisfy his customers and help the community.

2016 Customer Service Excellence Person of the Year

Jazz Woodward, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino
The Customer Service Excellence Person of the Year is Jazz Woodward of the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino! 

Here is a portion of the FIFTEEN nomination letters he received: I've had the opportunity to work with Jazz when making reservations at the Downtown Grand for several vacations to Las Vegas. He is courteous, friendly, patient and provides exemplary customer service. He helped book rooms for my entire family and suggested great restaurants and shows to see. His commitment to creating unique guest experiences with each interaction has truly set him apart. He is an ABSOLUTE GEM! His dynamic personality makes you feel like you are speaking to someone that you have known your whole life! Keep your eyes peeled for Jazz's ascension in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas because he is without a doubt a true leader.Jazz, your outstanding personality and genuine interest in your customers prove you truly deserve this award. You are engaging, exciting, and knowledgeable and are willing to go the extra mile to make your customers experience just that much better.

Congratulations to Jazz Woodward for his outstanding customer service!


Check out these past nominees and the proud companies they represent. Thank you for providing excellent customer service on a daily basis and making Las Vegas the hospitality destination that it is!

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  • Fax, email or mail in commendation letters, comment cards, notes, and customer recognition to the Chamber 
  • Download the employee tracking sheet and submit by the deadline each quarter.
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