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Meet Las Vegas

Imagine if you had a space that would allow you to create a total brand experience… Imagine if you could seamlessly rig from the floors, to the ceiling, to the walls… Imagine if electric, data, and technological infrastructures were integrated into the framework of a facility… Imagine a space that delivers you fewer limitations than you’ve ever experienced before… MEET Las Vegas is here…the picture of your imagination. See what others are saying about MEET Las Vegas. Visit our blog at

MEET is more than a venue. It's a partnership dedicated to the success of your event. Our facility is designed to make anything possible – but it's the people we partner with who will help you realize your event’s incredible potential. PLANNING SERVICES We've assembled a host of services and vendors to make planning your event as easy as one-stop shopping. The people we've partnered with are imaginative, dependable, and the best at what they do. SPACE OPTIONS MEET is three floors of endless possibilities.

You can brand the entire venue – or a single floor. Rigging and connection points open up a world of potential for signage, tension, load baring weight, and experiential design. No matter what, you’ll find the flexibility you need to take your event to the next level. TECHNOLOGY Our facility is engineered to help people connect – in every possible way.

Here's how it happens:

  • A/V TeleData Tieline Connectivity Plates every 10 feet on the first floor – that way there's no unsightly and unsafe cabling across floor space
  • Gigabit speed transport of high-resolution imagery to LCD screens and monitors throughout the facility
  • Customizable digital signage opportunities throughout the interior space Universal plug-and-work capability, from computers to iPods to high definition media to DVD and beyond
  • Fiber optics technology wired into the building and between floors
  • Virtual presentations and teleconferencing through innovative multimedia webcasting
  • Maximum security via comprehensive and complete in-house or remote building control
  • Remote telecasting capabilities for presentations by high-security individuals
  • Customizable wall-washing light that generates rich, uniform color and color changing effects through Illumivision Light Wave fixtures.
  • Unique interior lighting effects on the first floor with Martin Cyclo fixtures ◦The Cyclo Series fixtures are located between the banks of UNISTRUTS in the ceiling grid specifically to allow the lighting to encompass the entire ceiling by uniformly washing the space with variable color and white light.
  • On-site IT services to ensure efficient operations

Contact Information

MEET Las Vegas
233 South 4th Street
Las Vegas  Nevada  89101
United States