Coming Soon: Association Health Plan

As you begin your planning for 2019, we want to let you know that the Las Vegas Metro Chamber will once again offer an Association Health Plan (AHP) beginning this fall. The Chamber will formally unveil the details of its new health insurance plan for small businesses and sole proprietors, in time for the health insurance enrollment period for 2019. The plan will be offered through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Chamber Insurance & Benefits (CIB). CIB issued a Request For Proposals in June, and is in the final stages of setting plan options and rates that will be favorable to small employers and sole proprietors.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber and CIB bring tremendous experience in offering and administrating an association health plan. Prior to the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber had offered a small business group plan for nearly 30 years, covering more than 20,000 lives.

“No other business organization in Nevada has the experience that the Las Vegas Metro Chamber has in providing affordable health insurance to small businesses and their employees,” said Mary Beth Sewald, president and CEO of the Metro Chamber. “Las Vegas Metro Chamber is moving quickly, but also diligently, to make sure our members have an affordable health plan that they can count on.”

“Our long-term experience and know-how should give small businesses and insurance brokers confidence that the Las Vegas Metro Chamber and Chamber Insurance & Benefits are trusted partners in providing them quality health insurance,” said Jay Barrett, chairman of the CIB Board of Directors. “We are confident that the Las Vegas Metro Chamber plan will be affordable and very competitive in offering many robust benefits to our members and their employees.”

Last year, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order allowing for the re-creation of AHPs as a means of lowering the cost of health care coverage on small employers and sole proprietors. AHPs give small businesses the ability to join with other businesses through an association in order to broaden the risk pool, which often lowers their insurance rates.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber has been actively engaged in the reintroduction of an AHP since President Trump issued Executive Order 13813 in October 2017. The Chamber submitted a letter to the DOL during its request for public comments, and met with senior staff at the DOL in February regarding its intention of once again offering an AHP.

Chamber leaders met with Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta during its annual Washington, D.C. Fly-in in July, to brief him on their progress. Secretary Acosta, along with President Donald Trump, applauded Chamber CEO Mary Beth Sewald and the Las Vegas Metro Chamber for being the first chamber of commerce in the United States to bring back an AHP.

If you have any questions regarding the Chamber’s AHP, please contact Will Ochoa, vice president of Membership, at 702-586-3854 or