Periodically, the Metro Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee issues candidate endorsements for upcoming municipal and state elections. Not every local and state race receives an endorsed candidate, and at this time, the Metro Chamber does not issue endorsements for federal races or judicial elections.

Endorsement decisions are made by the Metro Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee (GAC), comprised of members from a variety of business sizes and industries. Invited candidates are interviewed by members of the GAC and the endorsements are made based on a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of business issues, voting record (when applicable), as well as dedication to creating a good environment for business growth, job creation and economic development.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce announces its first round of endorsements for the Nevada State Legislature and Clark County Commission in the 2018 election.



District First Last Party
AD 1 Danielle Monroe-Moreno Democrat
AD 2 John Hambrick Republican
AD 3 Selena Torres Democrat
AD 7 Dina Neal Democrat
AD 8 Jason Frierson Democrat
AD 9 Steve Yeager Democrat
AD 10 Chris Brooks Democrat
AD 11 Olivia Diaz Democrat
AD 13 Tom Roberts Republican
AD 14 Maggie Carlton Democrat
AD 15 Howard Watts III Democrat
AD 17 Tyrone Thompson Democrat
AD 19 Chris Edwards Republican
AD 20 Ellen Spiegel Democrat
AD 21 Ozzie Fumo Democrat
AD 22 Melissa Hardy Republican
AD 23 Matthew McCarthy Republican
AD 25 Jill Tolles Republican
AD 31 Jill Dickman Republican
AD 35 David Schoen Republican
AD 36 James Oscarson Republican


Senate District

District First Last Party
SD 2 Mo Denis Democrat
SD 10 Yvanna Cancela Democrat
SD 13 Julia Ratti Democrat
SD 16 Ben Kieckhefer Republican
SD 17 James Settelmeyer Republican
SD 20 Keith Pickard Republican


County Commission

District First Last Party
CC E Marco Hernandez Democrat