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Cornerstone Merchant Services

New credit card processing requirements were rolled out in October which meant business owners need to acquire new credit card equipment. All Metro Chamber members are eligible to receive significant discounts on EMV- and Apple Pay-compliant credit card machines and internet gateways, as well as reduced credit card processing fees, through our benefit program with Cornerstone Merchant Services. The program includes:

  • Equipment
  • mobile payments
  • Virtual terminals
  • iPad-based point-of-sale systems
  • Integration with more than 100 third-party shopping cart providers without additional programming
  • Stand-alone credit/debit card devices
  • Wireless credit card devices
  • Integration with customers’ websites

Their services also include live reporting tools and around-the-clock helpdesk services through their client service center and terminal help desk. The program is scalable, so if there are one or 1,000 locations to your business, the Metro Chamber’s merchant services benefit program can help you save money and stay compliant with new EMV processing requirements.

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