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Small businesses get leg up at Las Vegas expo

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Business Expo highlights local companies

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Las Vegas Review-Journal

Business Expo, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce signature annual trade show and networking event, drew business representatives to Cashman Center on Wednesday. Organizers expected more than 2,000 attendees and 150 exhibit booths.

The Metro Chamber promoted the Summer of Small Business at the expo.

Lessons from Orlando will help Las Vegas fill infrastructure gaps

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Dr. Robert Lang


In 2013, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and UNLV’s Brookings Mountain West and the Lincy Institute decided to jointly study shortcomings in Southern Nevada’s educational, transportation and tourist infrastructure. To help do that, the Brookings/Lincy team compared our region to other metropolitan areas.

Lessons from Las Vegas: Protect base at all costs

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Sarah Garrecht Gassen

LAS VEGAS, NEV. — Las Vegas is built on a culture of yes – yes to fun, yes to the big splurge, yes to going all in. But a significant part of the area’s economic stability depends on a willingness to say “yes” to the military by saying “no” to others.

The tightrope walk is done to preserve and protect two things: the Las Vegas area’s reputation as a military-friendly place to visit and live; and the longterm sustainability and local economic integration of Nellis Air Force Base, about 15 miles north of the Strip.

Business Voice June 2015


The Importance of Planning Ahead for Small Businesses

Lawmakers OK $27 million for planned UNLV medical school

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Ian Whitaker

unlv medical school

State legislators came through for a proposed UNLV medical school Monday night.

With the Assembly’s passage of Senate Bill 514 just two hours before the Legislature’s midnight close, the medical school stands to receive the full $27 million in start-up funds requested by higher education officials.

In his original budget, Gov. Brian Sandoval earmarked $8.3 million for the medical school. That would have kept progress on the school moving ahead for the next two years but prevented it from opening by its 2017 goal.

Drones may drive debate on personal privacy, experts say

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Richard N. Velotta

Drone panelists

Not only could unmanned aerial systems deliver packages to a home or office some day, they may also drive the conversation on the issue of personal privacy, a panel of drone experts agreed Wednesday.

Richard Jost, a director with Fennemore Craig Jones Vargas and a legal expert in unmanned aerial systems, said drone technology “could light the fuse” on the debate about how to protect privacy rights without trampling on First Amendment freedoms.

Business Voice May 2015


What is tort reform and why does it matter to my business?

What is TORT reform and why does it matter to my business?

States compete with one another for economic development opportunities. While several factors weigh on a business’ decision to expand or relocate to a particular state – or to continue operations in a state – a major aspect is that state’s litigation environment and the overall health of the state’s court system. After all, a state with a good litigation climate attracts new businesses, which in turn creates new jobs and spurs economic development in everything from consumer spending to real estate.

Mobilegeddon is here. Is your website ready?

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Will Paccione, Dotxero Internet Marketing

Every business owner wants to make their website visible on search engines, so when people search for industry-related interests, their website gets clicked, they get traffic and the phone rings. When your company appears in a search result for a variety of keywords, it doesn’t just happen by accident. Google never reveals exactly how their search algorithm works. It just seems to know exactly what we’re looking for and ranks web pages. Sometimes, though, they do give us hints.

And every once in a while, Google gives us a search engine optimization tip that we can’t ignore.