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Why Business Matters: A Message from Kristin McMillan

Written By:

Kristin McMillan

The Legislative Session is now upon us. While our government affairs team stakes its presence in our state’s capital and our team at Fennemore Craig begins its work alongside them to ensure the voice of business is heard throughout the halls of the Legislature, the Metro Chamber will be there, in Carson City, in the halls of our capitol, keeping you up-to-date every step of the way.

The Metro Chamber’s job is to fight against state policies that harm economic growth and expansion for employers and entrepreneurs. We raise our voice in support of the bills that align with our mission of helping businesses succeed, and raise our voice in opposition against legislation that would impede your future growth. In this issue, you’ll read about the priorities of the Metro Chamber, how they align with our mission, and why business matters to the success of our communities and our economy. And you’ll also read about the underlying principles of what we stand for to create a healthy environment for our local employers and entrepreneurs to succeed, grow, and thrive.

The Metro Chamber stands for less regulatory burden, so you – our state’s job creators – are not punished for propelling the economic engine of our community. We stand for more efficiency in government, so processes that affect your operations are conducted in a transparent and effective manner, and so your business is better off next year than last. We stand for building our future workforce, and fulfilling the needs of our current – and future – employers and employees, and ensuring they have the proper training to land the jobs required in a global economy. We stand for keeping local money local, and ensuring that the government procurement process recognizes the contributions of our local businesses. We stand for your opportunities, your growth, and your business every day.

We do not take lightly the responsibility we have to you. As the voice of business, we must ensure that our voices are broad and speak for the betterment of employers and entrepreneurs throughout our state. This is your livelihood, your investment, and your place of business – and it is our home. And our number one priority in Carson City is to ensure that your voice, your problems, and your concerns are heard clearly – and loudly – and more than just heard, but acted upon in an efficient and effective manner. Your opportunities for growth, job creation, and development should have the right environment to thrive, and we are there to defend those opportunities and set into action a course that enables you to realize any avenue of growth and development.

Together, let’s make sure the voice of business is heard loudly and clearly in the halls of our Legislature.