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New North Las Vegas mayor states goals for recovery

Written By:

Krystal Allen

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KSNV -- With a mix of straight talk and humor, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee laid out his vision for the city's future this morning at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Santa Fe Station.

It is a future, the new mayor says, that cannot move forward without tackling its troubled financial past.

“If we are in an emergency situation, we have to show the state what we're doing to get out of it. We need a plan,” Lee said. “I'm going through that budget to see where we are and how we can eliminate the stress on the region.”

Lee said he is working to assemble a commission -- possibly made up of people at the speech -- to do a thorough review, come up with recommendations and help create a financial blueprint.

Another major obstacle facing Lee is repairing the city's image. He says it's a city with untapped resources and real estate.

“Fifty-five percent of North Las Vegas is not even built out right now,” he said. “We have the ability to attract some of the largest thinkers in our valley now.”

He also points to partnerships with such places as Nellis Air Force Base.


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