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Metro Chamber Opposes Assembly Bill that Mandates Increases In Minimum Wage Costs on Employers

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Today, Kristin McMillan, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber, is issuing the following statement regarding Assembly Bill 175, which would increase the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $14 an hour (if an employer offers health care) and $8.25 to $15 an hour (if an employer does not offer health care). The minimum wage would increase every year by $1.25 until it reaches the $14/15 thresholds.  A hearing has been scheduled in Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15, at 1:30 p.m. The Metro Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee met yesterday and took the position to oppose this legislation as proposed because of a variety of concerns which are mentioned in the statement.

“The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, as the business association which represents the largest and broadest set of employers in Southern Nevada, is deeply concerned about the potential impacts of AB 175 on Nevada's employers and their employees. With only 48 hours between the bill's introduction and the scheduled public hearing, there is inadequate time for employers, and associations that represent them, to properly evaluate the impacts of the bill and meaningfully prepare for the hearing. Moreover, just on the face of it, the Metro Chamber cannot support a bill that has such a high potential of hurting job creation by employers, both large and small, and adversely impacting the stability of existing jobs for workers in this State. There are too many negative consequences associated with this bill and it should not be passed," said McMillan.