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Metro Chamber Applauds Court Blocking Overtime Rule

Written By:

Cara Clarke

Las Vegas –Today, the U.S. District Court blocked the implementation of the new U.S. Department of Labor overtime rule that was scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2016. The Court preliminary enjoined the new rule that would have significantly changed the current overtime rates for exempted employees and would have affected all private sector employers, including small businesses and nonprofits.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce strongly opposed the proposed administrative rule change that was being implemented by the Department of Labor. The Metro Chamber has advocated against the proposed rule for more than a year beginning when it submitted a letter of opposition on September 4, 2015. The Metro Chamber has advocated against the rule during its annual trips to Washington, D.C., and urged its members to contact their representatives to block its implementation. Additionally, the Metro Chamber was an early supporter of Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt leading a coalition of 21 states in filing the lawsuit challenging the new rule.

“This is an important ruling that benefits private and non-profit sector employers in all of Nevada, and the country as well. Preventing the overtime rule from taking effect was the number one priority when the Metro Chamber was in Washington, D.C. talking to federal legislators, and the Chamber has continuously opposed the rule by way of its advocacy efforts ever since it was proposed. We are pleased that the overtime rule is preliminarily enjoined and that employers will not have to implement the dramatic and burdensome increases in labor costs as of December 1,” said Kristin McMillan, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, the largest business association in Nevada