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Metro Chamber Applauds Approval by Voters of Question 5 – Fix Our Roads

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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Las Vegas –Tonight, Kristin McMillan, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, issues a statement regarding the approval by voters of Question 5, the renewal of Fuel Revenue Indexing.

The Metro Chamber has been a strong proponent for this ballot initiative.  The organization endorsed the ballot measure in December 2015, and has been an active part of the Nevada Economic Development Coalition that was actively promoting the ballot initiative.

 “The Las Vegas Metro Chamber thanks voters for renewing Fuel Revenue Indexing for 10 years in order to fund transportation projects in our region.  By approving Ballot Question 5, Clark County voters have demonstrated their strong support of the transportation infrastructure improvements that are necessary for economic growth, and will also lead to improved road safety and the creation of thousands of good jobs in our community,” said Kristin McMillan, president and CEO of the Metro Chamber.