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Gone in an Instant: Protecting Your Business from Flash Flooding, Power Outages and Other Unexpected Feats of Nature

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The daily deluge of running a business can make it hard to schedule time to prepare for a flood, electrical storm or major power outage. But here in the Mojave Desert where we can get a year’s worth of rainfall in a single afternoon and lightning storms can get a little too close for comfort, it’s critical to protect your property and your investment.

Evaluate whether flood insurance makes sense for your property. Is your business located in a low-lying area or downstream from runoff zones? Has your street or parking lot flooded during recent storms? And if you have a home-based business, is your house at the bottom of a cul de sac or adjacent to a flood channel? Do you have off-site record storage that may be vulnerable to water leaks?

Flash flooding can be an inconvenience if customers can’t get to your business. Even worse, as with most unexpected disasters, it can be costly to repair or recover from flooding at your business. That’s why the Regional Flood Control District encourages businesses to analyze whether flood insurance makes sense. With several options for affordable policies, it may be the most cost-effective way to protect your business. Most policies take 30 days to take effect, so the time to evaluate your risk is now. Just keep in mind that while monsoon season is largely over for the year, flash flooding can and does occur at all times of year here in the Las Vegas Valley.

In the event of a disaster, do you know what would happen to your data? Financial records, customer information, inventory sheets and important documents are just some of the files you keep on your business computer. Do you have your vital information backed up, either through a “cloud” mechanism or at another location? How often do you back up your information? Getting on a regular schedule and having a back-up plan (including a back-up computer, laptop, or tablet to access your information) is one of the easiest and most vital steps you can take to protecting your business investment.

You can protect your business by making sure employees are well informed in the event of an emergency. It’s critical for employees to understand the danger of driving on flooded roadways whether they’re driving a business vehicle or their own. Just two feet of water can move a heavy sports utility vehicle. Likewise, knowing what to do in the event of a power outage, or any other type of disaster, what to check and safety measures to take, are important in both immediate and long-term recovery efforts.

One of the most proactive ways to inform your employees and protect your property is with the Regional Flood Control District’s free FloodSpot app, available for download for Android and iOS. The app pushes out flash flood warnings and during storm events, shows areas where flooding is occurring.

If it’s dry outside, the app is a good way to learn about flood insurance or to report clogged storm drains near the office or along the commute. A stormwater inlet filled with debris will cause water to pool on streets and gutters and cause flooding issues around your business. Be sure to report any clogged stormdrains by using the “Report Dumpers” action on FloodSpot.

Following these simple measures to keep your business protected can be the difference between safety and danger, and the key to keeping your business afloat.

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