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EDITORIAL: No openness in bargaining, no consequences

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Las Vegas Review-Journal

The precedent has been set. In the state’s already-skewed binding arbitration process, in which a lone outsider with no stake in the outcome settles contract disputes between local governments and their unions, compliance with the law is optional.

That’s the takeaway from Monday’s meeting of the Metropolitan Police Department Fiscal Affairs Committee. A discussion between police administrators and the elected officials who comprise the committee made it clear recent negotiations between the department and the officers union, overseen by Chicago arbitrator Robert Perkovich, did not follow the law. Far from mere technicalities, some of the violations eliminated what little transparency exists in the arbitration process, effectively keeping both elected stewards and the public from knowing what offers were considered, which side prevailed and how Mr. Perkovich justified his ruling.

Clark County legal counsel Mary-Anne Miller found Mr. Perkovich was improperly selected to resolve the impasse; there was no written record of the parties’ last, best offers; and the parties didn’t keep a full record of the hearings, despite the presence of a court reporter.


Las Vegas Review-Journal