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Conversations and Insights on Our Final Day in D.C.

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Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce

Our delegation started the day at the Metropolitan Club, a long-standing institution in Washington, D.C. founded in 1863 during the Civil War by six Treasury Department officials during President Abraham Lincoln’s administration.  Throughout its more than 150 year history, it has pursued its primary goal of furthering "literary, mutual improvement, and social purposes.”  It was in that spirit of discussing how to create new opportunities and address some of our long-term issues, we embarked on a day of conversations with two of the counties most notable think tanks.

Our first meeting was with the Tax Foundation, the nation’s leading independent tax policy research organization. It was founded in1937, and focuses on providing research and analysis to encourage smarter tax policy at the federal, state and local levels.

The Tax Foundation analysts provided a great deal of insight on a number of tax-related issues, including the devastating economic impacts of Question 3, the Margin Tax that will appear on the November general election ballot.  Their economic experts confirmed to us that if Question 3 passes, the Margin Tax would be disastrous to jobs, make us one of the highest taxed states for businesses and severely hurt small business growth.  We also discussed film tax credits for Nevada and received an overall federal tax update.  It was an information-packed session on many issues impacting the Southern Nevada business community. 

From there, we moved on to the Brookings Institution, one of the nation’s leading think tanks for metropolitan public policy. We had lively discussions on what the Las Vegas region needs to become more competitive in the global economy. We talked about innovation districts, and what some cities across the nation are doing as models to inspire innovation, drive research and create economic opportunities. 

We also delved into transportation infrastructure and developing potential new types of financing options to build it.   Finally, we had an in-depth look at Nevada’s STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) economy to recognize our strengths, build upon our opportunities and rise up to meet the challenges within our region.  We value our ongoing partnership with Brookings and Brookings Mountain West and look forward to furthering these conversations when we return to Nevada.

The delegation had a productive, fruitful and insightful visit to Washington, D.C. Through an engaged group of members, elected officials and other key representatives from the business community, we were able to have meaningful dialogues to advance an agenda to protect the Southern Nevada business community, create good jobs and spur new opportunities for our region. 

Thank you for following along as the Metro Chamber represented you and engaged in many important issues for the future of our region from our nation’s Capitol.  Look for a comprehensive recap of our trip in the May issue of the Business Voice.