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Heck says he’ll keep pushing for immigration reform

Written By:

Laura Myers

U.S. Congressman Joe Heck

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck said Tuesday he will continue to push for immigration reform, focusing on efforts to better secure the border and to protect from deportation young illegal immigrants raised in the United States.

President Barack Obama on Monday said he would take executive action on immigration because House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he didn’t plan to bring immigration bills to the House floor this year.

Business Power Luncheon: The Margin Tax

Margin Tax

Hear from four experts as they weigh in on how the proposed Margin Tax Initiative, appearing as Question 3 on the November ballot, will adversely impact businesses of all sizes in Nevada.

Observers: Proposed tax might sweeten education spending but leave state with fewer jobs

Written By:

Jennifer Robison

No on 3 Buttons

Passage of a new business margins tax in November might bring the state more money for education but it would leave graduates with fewer job opportunities, panelists at a Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce luncheon said Wednesday.

A panel of four industry professionals talked about the tax at the Four Seasons. Their conclusions? A levy on gross revenue would confuse businesses and government agencies alike. It would also boost hiring by about a third at the state Department of Taxation, even as it encouraged the private sector to change how it hires to avoid it.

Local leaders believe economy depends on immigration reform

Written By:

Spencer Lubitz

The future of the Las Vegas economy depends on national immigration reform.

That's according to Sen. Harry Reid and some of the biggest entities in Southern Nevada who are now working together to get a bill passed immediately.

Speaking alongside Reid in support of the bill were the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and McCarran International Airport officials who said they will directly benefit from the funding included in the bill for the Tourism Promotion Act.

Sen. Reid, business leaders push to pass immigration reform

Written By:

Brian Brennan, Reporter

LAS VEGAS -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is calling for the House of Representatives to vote on an immigration reform bill, which he says will strengthening the U.S. southern border, wipe out a trillion dollars of debt, and modernize an antiquated immigration system.

The senator made the announcement during a news conference Tuesday. He was joined by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the Latin Chamber of Commerce, the Urban Chamber of Commerce and other business and tourism leaders.

Celebrate National Small Business Week!

Written By:

Greta Beck-Seidman

National Small Business Week 2014

More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two of every three new jobs in the United States. That's reason to celebrate! This week, across the country, we honor the 28 million small businesses in the United States and their innovation, ambition and hard work. Here are just a few of the ways you can engage in the festivities:

Congressional delegation to jump-start Interstate 11’s Nevada stretch

Written By:

Steve Tetreault

WASHINGTON – With the proposed Interstate 11 connecting Southern Nevada and Phoenix on a path to reality, Nevada leaders are setting their sights on the next stretch, north from Las Vegas.

Sens. Dean Heller and Harry Reid are looking to insert wording into an upcoming federal highway bill that would designate an Interstate 11 corridor through Northern Nevada. While studies still are ongoing and substantive work might be a decade or more out, favorable mention in the bill would effectively plant an early flag for a project that must compete for billions in federal dollars.

Nevada AFL-CIO opposes proposed margins tax to fund public schools

Written By:

Sean Whaley

City of LV Skyline

CARSON CITY — The Nevada State AFL-CIO on Friday voted to oppose the margins tax measure to fund public education that is on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.

Also known as the Education Initiative, Question 3 would impose a 2 percent business “margins tax” designed to raise an estimated $700 million a year for public schools.

The measure is opposed by many Nevada businesses and elected officials, including Gov. Brian Sandoval. It was put on the ballot by the Nevada State Education Association.

Moving Boldly Into The Future:Our Mission to Stay at the Top

Written By:

Greta Seidman

"You don’t get to be number one by standing still,” says Rossi Ralenkotter, president/CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).

Painting the Town Blue

Written By:

Kristin McMillan

This month, we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, and there is a lot to celebrate this year: the opening of the Linq and the Cromwell, as well as the soon to be open SLS; breaking ground on a new arena on the Strip; the unveiling of
a new iconic landmark – the High Roller – to our skyline; and not just one, but two political parties considering Las Vegas as the host for its presidential convention in 2016. For a record-setting 20 years, Las Vegas has been the number one trade show destination in North America.

Fossil Monument Bill Might Grow

Written By:

Steve Tetreault

Tule Springs

A stalled bill in Congress to create a public land monument in Clark County while reconfiguring other government parcels in the Las Vegas Valley might start moving again. What’s more, an influential House chairman says he would be open to expanding it.

Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, said he has asked his staff to redraft portions of a bill creating the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument. He said he was hopeful that rewording will fix a flaw that caused the bill to be shelved in February.

Las Vegas-Phoenix highway project wins support of Maryland politician

Written By:

Richard N. Velotta

Meeting with Representative Hoyer (MD)

If Rep. Steny Hoyer wasn’t a backer of the proposed multibillion-dollar Interstate 11 project before he came to Nevada Monday, he is now.

Hoyer, D-Md., the Democratic whip of the House, met for an hour with representatives of Southern Nevada’s business community, vowing to support infrastructure investment, including efforts to fund projects for an interstate highway that would connect the two largest cities in the country without one, Las Vegas and Phoenix.