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Startup Weekend Encourages Development of New Business Ideas

Written By:

Joyce Lupiani

Startup Weekend Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is becoming a popular landing spot for tech firms.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh helped start the Vegas Tech Fund to attract more.

Just this past weekend, local entrepreneurs had the opportunity to get noticed at an event known as Startup Weekend.

Participants are challenged to form small teams, come up with a cutting-edge idea, and create a successful business model in just two days.

The team that wins is then put in the running to win half a million dollars. They can use this money to start a business downtown.

New water fee 'the last straw'

In a guest commentary in the June 17 Review-Journal, Southern Nevada Water Authority General Manager Pat Mulroy explained her agency's cost-shifting for water treatment and delivery facilities following the economic debacle of 2008.

In an attempt to "make growth pay for growth," the authority's 1990s model drew nearly 60 percent of revenues for such projects from new connection charges. But revenues from new connections plummeted by 95 percent in 2008 as new construction "virtually ceased," Ms. Mulroy noted.

Las Vegas to Phoenix interstate, seen as a ‘game-changer,’ is step closer to reality

Written By:

Richard N. Velotta

A measure applauded by Southern Nevada business leaders as a key to future interstate and international commerce is one step closer to passage after a joint committee of Congress inserted language officially designating a route between Phoenix and Las Vegas as Interstate 11.

Interstate 11 Designation Message

Interstate 11 Designation Message

This is a message from Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kristin McMillan regarding the Interstate 11 designation, its economic impact on Southern Nevada and the work of the Chamber in helping to insure its passage.

Cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County Making It Easier For Contractors To Do Business In The Valley

Starting this week, contractors no longer have to obtain multiple licenses to do business in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County. The first phase of the multi-jurisdictional business license is now in effect, allowing contractors to obtain local licenses in one location - no traveling to each jurisdiction for separate busienss licenses. Applications and fees are now handled in one place and forwarded to the corresponding jurisdictions.

Expo Gives Space to Technology Startup Companies

Written By:

Caitlin McGarry

The usual suspects from the Las Vegas business community - banks, insurance companies and accounting firms - on Wednesday dotted the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Expo floor at World Market Center.

But one row of exhibition booths, marked with a street sign reading, "Innovation Avenue," hosted a new generation of chamber members: the startups putting Vegas tech on the map.

Las Vegas Expo Focuses on Helping Small Businesses

Written By:

Marco Villareal

Small businesses in Las Vegas are getting a big opportunity to grow and make new contacts. One such chance came Wednesday at a business expo put on by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

What does a dancing robot, a showgirl, and a ribbon cutting have in common? It's all part of this year's business expo hosted by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

The focus of the expo was to help small businesses come out winning.

iTernal Networks started up three years ago. They focus on IT support for small businesses in Las Vegas.

10 Most Entrepreneurial States

Written By:


Watch out Silicon Valley: You have competition just next door.

The Nevada desert -- Las Vegas in particular -- is becoming a popular landing spot for tech firms large and small. Popular online shoe seller Zappos moved its headquarters and data center operator Switch Communications launched here.

Following in their footsteps are startups ranging from technology service providers to logistics companies that cater to retail, aerospace and defense companies.

South scores win in Nevada economic development effort

Written By:

Richard N. Velotta

The Governor's Office of Economic Development has designated 10 organizations from across the state, including a Southern Nevada group, as regional development authorities under Gov. Brian Sandoval's economic development plan.

As expected, the organization calling itself the Las Vegas Regional Economic Development Council — a collaboration between the Nevada Development Authority, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and several municipalities — was among the selections.

Angry customers confront water district at meeting

Written By:

Joyce Lupiani

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Clark County Commissioners got an earful today from people who got huge water bills in May thanks to fees meant to pay huge bills for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

At the emotional meeting, non-profit groups, small business owners and residents said they can't afford new fees for services they once got for free.

Homeowner Mary Jo Aldeman said, "I feel as though we're being raped."

Business owners, residents share water bill hike frustrations

Written By:

Marissa Mike, Rob Munoz

LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) -- Irate business owners and residents told Clark County Commissioners this morning that they are drowning in new water surcharge fees.

It's been called that because the county is trying to pay off projects that would ensure the region keeps an ample future water supply for the valley.

But tell that to the dozens of people and business owners that showed up today saying they don't want the buck passed to them.

Small Business Owners Hit Hard by Water Bills

Written By:

Zahid Arab

LAS VEGAS -- Sticker shock has small businesses, non-profits and churches at a boiling point after seeing their water bills double, even triple in some cases, thanks to a usage fee by the Southern Nevada Water Authority that went into effect this month.

A special hearing for the businesses was held today, and there were plenty of people in attendance. Many are just now opening up their May water bills and it's soaking in that they will have to somehow pay hundreds or thousands more for a month.