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Neighborhoods and Communities

Once you've decided to make Las Vegas your new home, the next big decision is where to live. Whether you're in the market for a family neighborhood, a high-rise condo overlooking the Strip, a custom-built home or a simple apartment, there is no shortage to the supply of housing options in Southern Nevada.

The Home Front

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has designed a list of topics to help you narrow your new home choices. A qualified licensed Realtor can be an invaluable tool for helping you finalize your selection. Realtors have an in-depth familiarity with different areas of the valley, the features of various homebuilders and the amenities of different communities.


Owning vs. Renting

There are benefits to owning your home, or renting it, depending a variety of factors and your individual comfort zone.

Southern Nevada Communities

Southern Nevada's three largest cities, Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, are located in Clark County. While within close proximity to one another, each city is fully independent. The most recent U.S. Census figures put Clark County's population at more than 2 million residents.

Golf Course Communities

Adjacent Communities

Viewing Homes

You can preview a multitude of resale choices by going to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors website, The site allows you to search every available resale home in the valley. Coverage includes Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, greater Clark County and southern Nye County. Search fields include home style, price range, number of rooms, acreage, area of town and age of home.

New Home Communities

New home developments have their own real estate agents and sales staff on-site to assist prospective buyers. You also have the option of bringing your own real estate agent to a new home community to help with the negotiation process. Most communities have a policy stating a real estate agent must accompany a prospective buyer on his or her first visit.

Places of Worship

Southern Nevada is home to numerous houses of worship representing over 60 faiths. In all, there are nearly 600 churches, temples and synagogues throughout the valley. A good place to learn about local church services is the Saturday edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the weekly publication, View Neighborhood Newspapers, available every Tuesday. Additional information is available on the Review-Journal's website,