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Staff Directory

Use this Staff Directory to assist with any questions you may have, or any additional information you may need.


Executive Office, Board of Trustees, Public Relations and press releases

Kristin McMillan President & CEO 702.586.3869
Cara Clarke Associate Vice President, Communications 702.586.3832
Danica Torchin Communications Coordinator 702.586.3834
Connie Dike Executive Assistant 702.586.3869

Human Resources

Employee relations, staffing, payroll & benefits

Donna Damron Director, Human Resources 702.586.3826


Invoices, billing, accounts payable & receivables

David Kellerman Chief Operating Officer 702.586.3802
Manny Penson-Gravel Senior Accountant 702.586.3817
Judith Vanderford Accountant 702.586.3810
Rhea Arzadon Database Analyst 702.586.3894

Business & Office Services

Reception, general business information. Partner referrals, publication sales

Joyce Chatman Manager, Business & Office Services 702.586.3855
Robin Fuller Business Services Specialist 702.586.3823
Jaye Villanyi-Welch Business Services Specialist 702.586.3819

Business Development

Business development, member engagement and partnerships, events

Sallie Doebler Vice President Membership Development 702.586.3804
Art Goldberg Business Development Executive 702.586.3848
Veronica Kelly Business Development Executive 702.586.3852
Emily Stevens Business Development Executive 702.586.3854
Deborah Makiri Manager, Member Experience 702.586.3887
Lynelle Lewis Member Engagement Liaison 702.586.3863
Chris Amann Member Engagement Liaison 702.586.3815
Carolyn Carroll Membership Support Coordinator 702.586.3860


Event planning & registration

Nicole Neal Director, Events 702.586.3851
Monica McColor Events Specialist 702.586.3844
Rachel Payne Events Coordinator 702.586.3843
Lauren Stuart CSE/Events Coordinator 702.586.3809
Georgia Allen Events Coordinator 702.586.3838


Publications, news, website & community calendar

Greta Beck-Seidman Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy 702.586.3828
Nick Claus Senior Graphic Artist 702.586.3829
Pomai Weall Marketing Coordinator 702.586.3827

Government Affairs

Political & actions committees, public policy & advocacy, task forces, legislation, small business laws, elections & polling research

Paul J. Moradkhan Vice President, Government Affairs 702.586.3816
Justin Harrison Director of Government Affairs 702.586.3805
Joi Holliday Policy Analyst 702.586.3812


Sponsorship and advertising

Shelly Harris Sponsorship Development Executive 702.586.3859

Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Lisa Gough Leadership Program Manager 702.586.3841
Kimberly Bagdasarian Leadership Advance & Focus Las Vegas Coordinator 702.586.3825